Little things that show you care

by DannyUK

Right Guard has launched a new deodorant called Total Defence 5 Power & Care.  Offering “48 hour power and care” it may sound like a weekend bodyguard, but fortunately it also prevents odour which is my main reason for using it.

What caught my eye though was the results of a survey that Right Guard commissioned to mark the launch of their new product. The survey shows how British men show their caring side to their other half:

  • Text their partner good morning / night (33%)
  • Help with the housework (29%)
  • Compliment their partner’s new clothes purchases (28%)
  • Remember how their other half takes their tea or coffee (26%)
  • Cook without being asked (27%)

I reckon I do all five of those.  If we take my definition of helping with the housework rather than my girlfriend’s definition which is “Dan, you’re getting in the way”. Also, we need to count microwaving or calling Dominos as “cooking”.

As for how my other half takes her tea, I know it’s with one sugar.  More importantly, I know not to use the spoon in the sugar bowl to stir the tea for fear of cross-contamination.  We all have our quirks, and that’s one of hers.

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Power & Care

The Right Guard Total Defence 5 Power & Care

The survey goes on to say that 61% of men would describe their relationship as caring, though according to women nearly half of men could show their caring side more often.

It got me thinking. What do I do to show my other half how much I care?

Friends joke that even after 2 years or more, we are still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, where we can’t get enough of each other and still look besotted to the outside world.  I’d totally agree.  Being in a long distance relationship means that you make the most of the limited time you spend together and we are no different.

Quite often I find that I buy little gifts, or send a card through the post, just to let her know that I am thinking of her.  It’s never anything really expensive, just something that would bring a smile to her face.

We speak fairly often on the phone, and if I feel that it’s been a while since we chatted, I’ll quite often send her a voice memo which is normally of me pratting around.

But above all else, I try to listen. (Note: try.  I don’t always succeed!). I try to pay attention to what she tells me about her friends, albeit their names often slip through the sieve that is my brain and they end up being referred to “the one who did the triathlon” or “the one we met in Costa in Liverpool with her mum”.

I try to ask questions about how the kids got on at school, how her parents enjoyed their holiday or how so-and-so saw so-and-so and did they end up having sex.  Surprisingly the former two are normally more interesting than the latter!

I also try to judge her moods.  She’s not the complaining type, so if we’ve had a day out and I ask if she fancies doing something else, she may say yes thinking that it’s what I want to do, but her body language or a subtle nuance in her answer tells me that she’d rather sit down and not move until it’s time to go to bed.

Lastly, I tell her I love her, because I do. Immensely. And I tell her how beautiful she is. Not because I need to say it or because she needs to hear it, but because it’s true, and it’s never a bad thing to repeat it often.

The reason for the survey was tied in to the new Total Defence 5 Power & Care deodorant from Right Guard. It’s the only anti-perspirant to boast a unique formula containing Taurine which is an ingredient used in anti-aging skincare.

Before you jump to making jokes about how concerned you’ve been recently at how old your armpits look, it simply means that the skin under your arm doesn’t dry out. It also has no alcohol.

The name Total Defence 5 Power & Care comes from how it works in five ways:

1) Fights perspiration
2) Prevents odour
3) Long-lasting freshness
4) Anti-irritation
5) Anti-itching formula.

I was fortunate enough to be able to try the new anti-perspirant, and after a decade of more of using an anti-perspirant stick due to being fed up getting dry skin under my arms, this new Right Guard may be good enough to persuade me to move back to using a spray all of the time. In a week of use, it has been kind to my skin while still working effectively.

It has a pleasant smell which is not overpowering like some, and even after a sweaty bike ride (which regular readers will note happened once, and has been mentioned at least twice in the blog so far), I was still fresh smelling.

Although I haven’t tested the claims of 48 hour protection (and in truth, I have few plans to either!) it’s safe to say that it lasts throughout the day. Whether I’ve been wandering about on foot, or driving for several hours at a time, Right Guard Total Defence 5 has lasted well and not only prevented me from smelling, but has also kept me feeling really fresh too.

What little things do you do to show your partner that you care? Do you agree that men could show their caring sides more often?

Right Guard have got a lot more information here - RightGuard

Right Guard Total Defence 5 is available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose & Boots with an RRP of £2.89.

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