My Sunday Photo – Keeping warm

by DannyUK

I should possibly just call this post “sponsored by Costa Coffee” every week.

Yet again, this was taken in Costa, albeit in Braintree rather than our normal one.

Our good friend Loz has just moved house and we went to help her move in. The truth is that with four kids, “help” may be the wrong word and we spent more time getting in the way than anything else!

A couple of hours into the day we all went to Costa in the town centre where the kids indulged in an iced creamy cooler. Within minutes of finishing their drinks they were complaining of being cold, and then huddled up together in an attempt to keep warm. It should be pointed out that the temperature outside was a decent 19 degrees, so this was probably an overreaction on their part.

My Sunday Photo - Keeping Warm

The silly thing is that they had chosen to sit under the freezing cold air-con!

Once again, eldest daughter insisted I take a photo and use it for My Sunday Photo. Wish granted!

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