Visiting London sightseeing and secret places 

Life can get busy at times, and being busy isn’t always a good thing.  Not too busy, though.  We’ve been visiting London sightseeing and checking out secret places in the capital.


Thankfully I’ve been busy and it HAS been good.

A new job, which has seen me on the road a lot more has kept me away from blogging, as has a week-long holiday (I want to call it a “stay-cation” but that’s a wanky term) spent in London and near Liverpool with the one I love.

London - Big Ben, Red Bus and taxi - all part of sightseeing

The touristy photo: London in a picture - Big Ben, a red bus and a London taxi

Being so busy has taken my mind off of some of the negative stuff which has lurked (and continues to lurk) in the background and has also meant that the blog has squarely taken a back seat in life.

The ill-timed decision to try launching a second linky for ThrowBack Thursday reflects in how well it has performed, which is a shame, especially as at the same time the FamilyFriday link seems to be getting stronger. It just shows what a lack of management does, I suppose.

The ThrowBack Thursday thing is something that I definitely want to do more of. After all, who DOESN’T like posting old embarrassing pictures? I suspect that I may just keep it either as something I do every now and then or possibly keep it live as a linky with very little publicity. Equally, the new job and the time that is taking means that this blog has been put firmly on the back shelf, hence no Family Friday linky this week!

The days spent in London sped by, mostly in a blur of rain and crap hotels, but spending time with the girlfriend is rare, and though it’s safe to say that we both suffered from trying to fit too much into too short a time, coupled with a chronic lack of sleep (bloody banging of doors in the middle of the night!) it was still lovely just to be together.

Our “must do” list prior to the holiday was to spend some time on a trip to the Tower of London and also at Hampton Court. Sod’s law really that we then managed neither. Armed with a London Pass which saved us some money, we took in the likes of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, All Hallows Church, Churchill’s War Rooms, a boat ride up the Thames and lots more.

London sightseeing Tower Bridge

Sightseeing in London: Tower Bridge, the Walkie Talkie building, the Gherkin and the Cheesegrater all on a lovely Summer’s day

My intention was to do a write-up of some of the places we visited but, to be honest, I’m not sure how likely that is to happen, which is a shame.

Culinary wise we got to finally go to Bodeans restaurant after I’d heard so much about it. Despite hearing that their reputation was beginning to wane, we both found the food absolutely excellent. We also went back to an off-the-skewer all-you-can-eat meat place, the name of which escapes me, but which we’d enjoyed a couple of years ago.

Visiting London - Secret places and sightseeing - The secret Chinatown cocktail bar - Taken from an article by

Can you spot the entrance? (Clue: Look for the bodyguards at the door)

We found a couple of almost secret (!) cocktail bars in the West End which was probably meant for people far more salubrious or pretentious than either myself or my other half, but we sipped the expensive experimental cocktails and made mental notes about our fellow drinkers which we then swapped in the safety of a spit and sawdust pub further down the road.

The week was finished off in style, with a trip to Ikea, a Harvester (my girlfriend’s first EVER Harvester! How off is THAT?!) and a Costa. I don’t think I could have planned it better, save for my girlfriend deciding that I was not the person to put together the flat packed furniture, which was an added bonus.

The next night out is when we go and see Kylie later this month in Liverpool. I, personally, cannot bloody wait!

by DannyUK


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