My Sunday Photo - My 12-year-old daughter

by DannyUK

On Thursday my middle daughter turned 12. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day with her.

On being asked what she wanted to do, she opted to go to London.

After questioning her further (after finding out that she didn’t have anything she actually wanted to do in London), it turned out she wanted to spend her birthday money, and simply wanted to shop.

I hate shopping.

It wasn’t my day, though, so I explained to the birthday princess what the options were. We could go into London and mooch around the various shops there. We could stay local and shop, or we could go to Westfield Stratford and spend the day shopping there.

Her eyes lit up at the thought of going to Westfield, so that’s where we ended up. She was dismayed to learn that we would be driving straight there, and not getting a train as she had hoped (an attitude that will no doubt change in a few years when she is fed up of the daily grind of commuting.)

As a compromise, I parked up in Wanstead and we got the tube three stops down the line to Stratford.

We both had a great day, and this photo was at the end of the day, partially taken under duress at my insistence. After all, it’s not often you get to post alongside a 6-foot tall letter that matches your initial.

12 year old daughter, A

A reluctant pose by the birthday girl.

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