Review: BOOMco Rapid Madness

by DannyUK

A few months ago I had the chance to test out the BOOMco Twisted Spinner blaster. It was great fun, and something that the kids still play with even today. So when the chance to try the fast BOOMco Rapid Madness came about, I jumped at the chance!


So what’s new? Well, the Rapid Madness is quicker, holds more bullets and is overall more fun. Even as a sensible dad-of-four doing very important adult things like cleaning, I found myself unable to resist picking the blaster up and letting loose twenty darts.

The twenty darts fit into a clip which slides into the blaster, and after you’ve pumped the blaster full of air it takes merely a couple of trigger-pulling to unleash a furious volley of the soft-pointed darts.

Picture this if you will, as it echoes just how much fun these blasters are:

A 36 year old man, crippled by a headache which has finally scaled down from the migraine that has left him bed-bound for the day, trudges to his kitchen. He notices the Rapid Madness blaster sitting in the living room. Tutting softly to himself, he picks it with the intent of putting it somewhere a little more tidy. First things first though. Headache tablets.

Clutching the blaster, he turns on the kitchen light, squinting as it causes pain to flash across his eyes. He instinctively looks down, away from the source of the light, and his line of vision settles on the blaster. The blaster which, he notices, has a fully loaded dart-holder.

BOOMCo Rapid Madness blaster

13 year old daughter holds aloft the BOOMCo Rapid Madness blaster which is a BIG blaster!

Ignoring the banging in his head, he raises his head slightly.

“War’s not pretty…” he mumbles at nobody, raising the blaster and pointing it at the wall, “but then neither am I…”

His finger pulls hard on the trigger and a satisfying “thwackthwackthwack” sound is made as the darts fly across the room and bounce off the wall.

In the few seconds of silence that follows he holds his stare at the wall, before slowly raising the blaster and blowing away the pretend smoke from the shaft. His fragile mind desperately searches for a dart-based pun that befits the 80s action hero movie he’s currently pretending to be in.

“Darting off somewhere?” he says, unconvincingly, before turning and looking for the aspirin packet in the cupboard over the kettle.

I’d like to pretend that this was a made-up scenario, but it really is a re-run of what happened to me over the weekend.

I’m 36 years old, for goodness sake! I shouldn’t be behaving like that!


BOOMco says that it is aiming this new blaster at “the bold, the daring and those ready to raise their game… those seeking the next generation of adrenaline-fuelled fun.”

It’s all marketing splurge, of course, and though I’ve no doubt the bold and daring (not the bald and boring which may better describe me) would embrace this fully, it really is a toy for everyone and anyone.

Not only is the blaster air-powered (meaning no batteries required), but it allows two different ways to blast; single-shot for accuracy or 20 darts in seconds, firing up to a staggering 50 feet! Let’s be honest, you’re unlikely to go for accuracy when you have the chance to riddle the air with darts.

As with it’s smaller brother, the Twisted Spinner and the rest of the BOOMco range, this blaster boasts Smart Stick technology so you can see where you nailed it as the tip of every plastic dart will stick like crazy to the Smart Stick shields and sticky targets only! The push-button removable transforming shields also protect you from, and captures your opponents’ darts to use yourself and fire back!

BOOMCo Rapid Madness blaster

The packaging.

It’s available in shops priced at around £49.99 and although that seems a little on the pricey side, it’s something that the four kids all had great fun playing with, and were bargaining with each other to get more time with it, which is always a great sign.

Available from all of the usual places, including Argos, Tesco, Amazon and many more. As I write this though, Amazon have it on sale for just £37.49. The box states that the Rapid Madness blaster is suitable for ages 6+, but from the youngest, aged 8, to the eldest who is 13 (or 36 if you count me!) we were all able to use the blaster fairly easily, and all had great fun doing so. The darts don’t hurt when they hit you, which is a definite bonus.

I’ve no doubt you’ll see more of this in the run up to (and I’m sorry for saying this in August) Christmas, and rightly so. A definite winner in the DannyUK household.

o 30 Smart Stick darts
o 20-dart clip
o 1 BOOMco Smart Stick target
o Removable transforming shields

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