My Sunday Photo - Another birthday celebration!

Another birthday celebration because of another birthday! As middle daughter approaches her 12th birthday, she chose to go to Chiquitos for her birthday meal.


This time, all four of the kids spotted a Rainbow Mocktail and decided to order that for their drinks. The mocktails looked fantastic, and though I was reluctant to use this photo as my Sunday Photo this week, its safe to say that I was badgered into doing so by the eldest!

There was no birthday cake, no singing of happy birthday and no other outward celebration at the birthday girl’s own request.

This was about the fifth attempt to grab a picture, with previous takes having at least one of the monsters either looking away, appearing bored or having their eyes closed. Whilst this photo is ever so slightly blurry, it’ll do!

My Sunday Photo - Another birthday celebration!

Very beautiful, lovely looking and cool. As are the drinks,


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