My Sunday Photo - 13-year-old moaning

by DannyUK

There are some sights that will familiar to all parents. The sight of an annoyed teen is no doubt one of them.


Even with headphones on, and being lost in a virtual world of her own, there was still time for my 13-year-old to moan about what she was doing - and subsequently moan at me taking her photo.

During our trip to Liverpool at the end of June, we decided to vlog about the journeys. Eldest daughter stated that she wanted to be the one to put the video together. On Friday night, she finally got to do that, though, in a manner that certainly followed in my footsteps, she got massively annoyed when she was unable to easily figure out how to get everything working properly.

The main cause of upset was trying to figure out what order to put the clips in.

As it was, she managed to piece it all together and the end result is looking fantastic. It should go up on this blog soon.

My Sunday Photo - 13-year-old moaning

Although the mouth is hidden by an iPad, you’ll have to take my word that there was moaning every now and then.


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