Free Android apps today and tomorrow!

by DannyUK

Sometimes something comes up online and you need to be quick to grab it. Today is such an occasion as Amazon are offering the likes of Instapaper, FlightRadar24 Pro and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars racing for free.


There are another 25 other apps on top of that which you’d normally have to pay for.

You read that correctly. Amazon is giving away free Android apps today and tomorrow (31st July and 1st August). With 28 titles to choose from, there’s something there for everyone, whether it’s games, reference apps or diet trackers. Although you have to install Amazon’s own App Store app to get these apps, that in itself is free and is well worth doing as Amazon normally offers one free app per day via their own store.

If you’re a fan of the Skint Dad site and using his tips as a way of helping to manage your finances, there are two apps - Home Budget Manager and Bills Reminder which are also on offer for free, saving over £4.50 on the pair.

Other free Android apps available at Amazon today include Instapaper, which is similar to Pocket and allows you to save links, articles and posts to read at a later time - Fantastic for when you are on the move and merely browsing, rather than in full-on reading and relaxing mode. Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing is also free and is probably best described as the Sega equivalent to Mario Kart. There’s also FlightRadar24Pro available which allows you to track planes which is perfect if you have friends and family flying abroad and you want to see where they are and if they have landed safely. These are just three of the apps on offer and they represent a saving of over £6 on these 3 titles alone! See the list at Amazon here.


The full list of free apps is below, but remember to be quick as you need to install them today or tomorrow to get them for free!


  • Normally £1.93 - Free at Amazon -

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars racing

Flightradar24 Pro

  • Normally £1.99 - Free at Amazon -

My Alarm Clock by Apalon

Weather Live by Apalon

  • Normally £2.39 - Free at Amazon -

Food Diary and Calorie Tracker PRO

Daily Workouts

White Noise by TMSOFT

  • Normally £1.49 - Free at Amazon -

Home budget manager by r6apps

Bills Reminder by Handy Apps PTE Ltd

  • Normally £2.49 - Free at Amazon -


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