Essex Eagles Dunkin’ Donuts - helping Chelmsford

by DannyUK

Dunkin’ Donuts made their move into the UK market earlier this year. Now they’ve linked up with Essex Eagles. I blogged about Dunkin’ Donuts opening their store in Chelmsford a few months ago, and ever since there has been a stream of people going in an out of the store.


If CTZN Bar is now the go-to place for everybody who is anybody in Chelmsford at night, then Dunkin’ Donuts surely holds a similar status for those with a sweet tooth who are in the city during the day.

Although I can be quite critical of local businesses when I feel they let the area down, I also love seeing them support each other. Dunkin’ Donuts recent partnership with Essex Eagles, who play at Chelmsford’s Cricket Ground just a short walk from the shop, is the latest example of this.

Essex Eagles Dunkin Donuts mascot at the recent game against Surrey Lions

Essex Eagles Dunkin Donuts mascot at the recent game against Surrey Lions

Bakers at the international brand have created two Essex Eagles themed donuts which are available exclusively in Chelmsford. One donut is modelled on a red cricket ball and filled with vanilla, whilst the other is chocolate covered with a hazelnut filling sporting the three swords of the cricket club crest.

Not only that, but every time one of these unique donuts is purchased a donation is made to Essex County Cricket Youth Cricket School. This means you can have your cake - sorry, donut - and eat it, safe in the knowledge that you’re helping the community.


Aziz Tejpar, owner of Dunkin’ Donuts Chelmsford, said: “We are big supporters of the Essex Eagles so honouring the team with some cricket themed donuts seemed like a great way to show our support for the club.

“For each Essex Eagles donut we sell we will also be making a donation to the Essex County Cricket Youth Cricket School, so fans will also be supporting the club’s future cricketers by tucking into a donut!”

David Masters, Essex fast bowler said: “It is fantastic to have this support from the Chelmsford branch of Dunkin’ Donuts, and we are very proud that these donuts have been designed in celebration of the team, and that they are supporting our youth academy too.”

Essex fast bowler David Masters shows off one of the new Essex Eagles Dunkin’ Donuts club-based goodies.

There will also be the chance for fans to win some of the exclusive Essex Eagles donuts, at every Twenty20 game held at The Essex County Ground this season.

Aziz added: “Adding the Essex Eagles donuts to our menu means that we now have more than 30 different varieties of donut on offer, as well as our world famous coffee made using 100% Arabica beans. We have also noticed that local people are spending longer with us in the Dunkin’ branch, so we have installed some new comfortable seating for them to use.”

With stores in Harrow, Woolwich and Chelmsford, Dunkin’ Donuts is slowly expanding across the UK. New stores are planned for both London and Hertfordshire in the coming months, though the exact locations remain a secret. It’s safe to say that it won’t be too long until they are seen everywhere.


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