My Sunday Photo –#ShareaCoke

by DannyUK

This weekend we’ve spent two nights and one of the hottest days of the year visiting my best friend from school. Although we’re only about an hour or so from each other, we rarely manage to catch up too often, much less with the kids in tow. We arrived at his London flat on Friday night and by 9am Saturday morning we were pretty much ready to get out into the capital.


A few hours later we found ourselves in Covent Garden, waiting alongside a bus emblazoned in Coke, waiting for 45 minutes to get aboard so that we could all get personalised Coke bottles. Eldest, with an unusual name that’s not available in the shops, was over the moon - more so as it was her idea. As it was coming up to lunch, I was just eager to get through the queue and find somewhere for lunch.

It did mean that we got to have a rare photo of all of us together taken, which is the subject for this week. Even if it does mean pandering to the multi-billion pound corporate marketing!



All of us!



ย OneDad3Girls

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