Bike City Chelmsford - Cycle centre of Essex!

by DannyUK

Since obtaining City status in 2012, Chelmsford has seen an influx of bike shops.


Growing up, I learnt to ride at a young age, and throughout my teens my bike was my main method of transportation. Used when meeting up with friends, getting to my part time jobs and even just to race around on, my bike was never too far away from me.

Bike City Chelmsford - Athlon Sport

Family-run Athlon Sport in Navigation Road

Although my four kids can all ride their bikes to various levels of proficiency, none of them have an attachment to cycling that I had. Even the oldest two, who are now spending more and more time with their friends, seem to prefer walking or getting the bus (on the occasions that they can’t cadge a lift with someone) rather than cycle somewhere.

Not that it’s rare to see cycling in Chelmsford. The likes of family-run The Cycle Company in New Street and Cycle King in Springfield Road, as well as national brands like Halfords have been around seemingly forever. Yet in the past couple of years even more stores are springing up.

Cycle King Chelmsford

Cycle King on Springfield Road in Chelmsford - taken from

In late 2012, family-run Athlon Sport opened up in Navigation Road, swiftly followed by internationally-run Specialized almost directly opposite. Initially I thought that the latter may drive the former out of business, but a quick Google search shows that Specialized have a history of aggressively protecting their trademarks and that this sits badly with cycle aficionados, and I would guess that this only helps Athlon Sport immeasurably.

The latest company to join in with making bike city Chelmsford the biking capital of Essex is Evans Cycles, who have taken the long-empty Charlie Choy’s site on the Army and Navy development. The latest branch of Evans, which originated in Kennington over 90 years ago, looks to be the company’s first new store this year, but is merely the latest in an expansion which has seen more than forty stores open since the start of the millennium.

Specialized Chelmsford

Specialized, also on Springfield Road in Chelmsford - taken from, so you can blame them for the wonky shot!

To add to the city’s cycling passion, Chelmsford City Council launched their programme of recreational cycle rides at the start of the year, no doubt in anticipation of the Tour De France coming via Chelmsford.

There’s also several recognised cycle paths in the city as well as cycle routes that are published on the Essex Highways website, where you can also find a map of Chelmsford’s cycle paths.

So is this sudden influx of cycle shop’s a response to city status? Perhaps it’s due to the Tour De France being on our doorstep? Or maybe it’s just a reflection of how popular the sport is becoming in this country. I only learnt today that there was a difference between a mountain bike and a road bike, which shows how much I know.

Are you likely to get on your bike soon, or do you prefer other ways of exercising?


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