A weekend of doing nothing

by DannyUK

The weekend came and went in a flash.


I’d pre-warned the kids that a large, unexpected bill had come in and that as a result this month would mean we’d be doing very little in the way of activities that cost anything. Their response was fantastic. They understood and accepted it with a maturity beyond their years.

To make matters worse, on the Friday night when I picked them up I’d managed to tweak a muscle in my back. Although it was in my upper back, and therefore not crippling, it was enough to ensure every movement was accompanied by an exclamation of pain.

This meant that the weekend was pretty much a write-off in terms of doing anything. On Saturday, we visited my mum and then went into town. Dosed up on painkillers, I was still struggling with my back, and the two youngest did well not to complain of being too bored. The two eldest had their own plans, which meant they were off doing their own thing.

Once we got home that afternoon, I took the opportunity to rest my back with an ice pack applied, and the youngest two jumped on the XBox. I think the youngest two were glad to be allowed to spend so much time on Minecraft in all honesty.

Everyone was shattered by the next morning, and a much-welcomed lay in was the order of the day for everyone.

How was your weekend?


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