Who wants to live forever? Remember A Charity.

by DannyUK

They say that charity starts at home. This is truer in times when everyone is struggling to get by. I know that I certainly give less to charity now than I did ten years ago, for example.


The cross-charity organisation “Remember A Charity” has launched a campaign that asks people to remember charities in their wills. Ideal for people like myself who have little to offer now, but may be able to donate something on passing.

To promote this campaign, Remember A Charity asked 372 people in May this year if they wanted to live forever. Amazingly, a massive 60% of them said that they would. They obviously haven’t seen the film Highlander, which has immortality as a running theme, and poses the question “Who wants to live forever when love must die?”

Remember a charity live forever
You may see their new Live Forever campaign throughout the Summer, which seeks to promote leaving a gift to charity in Wills, where they ask people to decide just how they’d like to live on.

The campaign also revealed that the overwhelming majority (83%) of people who want to live forever are male, with just under a fifth (17%) of women wanting to extend their natural lifespan.

Reasons given for choosing to live forever include entries from doctors who want to continue curing the sick, aspiring space explorers and then those who simply wish to meet their future loved ones. One eternal optimist even stated he wanted to wake up in the future to see the day England win the World Cup. (I can’t help feeling that even immortality wouldn’t help with that one!)

The root aim of the Live-Forever.com campaign is to fuel genuine debate about more than immortality, instead opening up a forum of discussion around how making preparations now, can help the things we really care about to live on when we’re no longer around. It also allows the charity to say ‘Why not ensure the things you care about live on after you’re gone, by leaving a gift to charity in your Will’?

Rob Cope, Director at Remember A Charity said: “We wanted to highlight that there are alternative ways to live forever. After taking care of your loved ones, including your favourite charity in your Will will help ensure the things you care about can live on.”

My will is already written and makes allowances for my nearest and dearest. However, when it comes to reviewing my will (which is something you should do often, by the way!), I will make plans for my favourite charities to receive something too. Even if it’s only a small donation, every little helps.

For more information about leaving a gift to charity in your Will, please visit www.rememberacharity.org.uk, or follow them on Twitter: @remembercharity

The YouTube video below shows some of the responses given to the question “Do you want to live forever?”

What charity would you donate money to?


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