Extant - Spielberg’s newest sci-fi showing

by DannyUK

Alone. In space. For 13 months. As a premise for a new Sci-Fi thriller series, it has enough there to be intriguing.


But when you throw in that the lead is played by Oscar winner Halle Berry and reveal that after 13 months alone in space she returns pregnant, you have something that is oddly compelling.

Don’t be put off by the fact that Berry is acting in it. Let’s be honest, she’s long overdue to appear in something decent, and at first glance this Spielberg-linked series looks promising.

Extant premiere


If you haven’t heard of Extant, it’s probably because it’s an unusual prospect for the UK. Although we are all rapidly acclimatising to Netflix and their own family of programs, Extant is appearing on Amazon Prime Instant Video’s streaming service and is the first title with any real fanfare or uniqueness to do so.

Extant, by the way, means something that still exists. In other words, not extinct, destroyed or lost. I looked it up so that you, my dear reader, can save face by pretending to know what it meant without needing to resort to a dictionary.

The reason I mention the show is that I’ve been lucky enough to be invited down by Amazon for a preview of the first episode tonight. Seeing as it was a programme that was already on my radar, having seen it mentioned in passing on twitter, I jumped at the opportunity to go. As I write this, I’m just an hour or two away from joining other guests at BAFTA in London.

Although no famous faces are necessarily expected, I will endeavour to have my photo taken with a giant poster of Halle Berry if nothing else. I will then use that one future blog post where I will mention that she was there in person, and just happened to be much, much bigger in real life than expected.

In fact, with BAFTA being fairly middle class, I shall enter the spirit of things by referring to this as a “rather jolly jape!”

Joking aside, the trailer looks great and I can see this becoming a must-see series.

For a sneak peek at what’s in store check-out a first look trailer here –

The first episode is available to watch from Thursday 10th July.


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