Advertising on the blog

by DannyUK

After umming and ahhing for months over this, I’ve finally decided to introduce Google ads to the blog. Why? Well quite simply because I could do with some extra money.

I don’t suspect that it’ll make me loads, but even a couple of quid is better than nothing.

It’s a bit of a turnaround for me. In the past I have always been wary about what products to plug on the blog. I’ve turned down offers of cold hard cash to write honest reviews for products that don’t interest me. So to suddenly hold hands with Google and let them post what they want is a step into the unknown.

I’m hoping that I will get to a stage where I can really narrow down the type of ads that Google puts on the blog. They have that functionality available, it’s just working out what works best.

I’ve also got to tread the fine line between getting people to click the ads, and not having too many people click them that Google think something dodgy is going on. Kip had this problem last year when I clicked on a few of his ads, and Google suspected (wrongly) that he had gotten someone to do it on purpose to get his payments up.

By playing around a little, I’ve managed to get ads showing on the blog headers and side bars, but also managed to fit them into the posts themselves, which I think may be less in the way whilst still getting clicks.  I’ve also managed to change the ad colours so that they blend in with the blog itself.

These are the three in-post ads.  Do you have any preference, or any suggestions?

The first in-post ad (Horizontal medium)


 The second in-post ad (Horizontal Half Banner)


The third in-post ad (Responsive ad)


That said, I don’t know many people these days that don’t use an Adblocker to filter out any ads. Personally, I find that AdBlock works well for me and its available for Chrome, Safari and Opera. You can get it here

In the meantime, any feedback on the ads is welcomed - Especially if there’s a preference as to which one is best (or worst) - just drop a comment below.

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