National Kissing Day 2014

by DannyUK

At what age is it appropriate to stop kissing your partner passionately?


This coming Sunday is National Kissing Day (Not to be confused with National Kidding Day, as my autocorrect tried to say, which is of course 1st April!).

Kissing for me is a fundamental part of a relationship. It’s expressive, it feels good and I can’t ever imagine not wanting to kiss Mrs DannyUK.

But when I was younger, I always imagined there would be a cut-off point. An age where one or both partners no longer wanted to kiss each other. At least, not more than a peck on the cheek.

Is it something that people grow out of? Do couples settle down and then decide that kissing passionately is no longer needed? Or that it’s just a prelude to sex?

Even now, in my mid-thirties, I find it difficult to imagine people older than myself snogging away.

So is there a time that it stops? If it does, do you miss it?


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