APC Overnight delivery problems - A resolution!

by DannyUK

You should always give credit where it’s due. After being annoyed enough to write about my problems with APC Overnight yesterday, they responded swiftly on Twitter.


Within minutes of posting the blog, their Twitter team got in touch with me via DM. The first thing they did was apologise for the experience I had received.

They then asked for more details of when the redelivery was booked and asked for a contact number so that they could get the delivery driver to call ahead of time to let me know a delivery time so that I didn’t have to wait in all day again.

APC Overnight DM exchange

The DM exchange.

I replied with the details requested and left it at that. A couple of hours later my phone rang and someone from the local depot was calling. He apologised for the mess up, said that he had found the redelivery request and admitted that it had just been missed due to human error. He apologised again and said that if it was ok with me he would arrange an out of hours delivery to me later that night.

Talk about exceeding my expectations!

I thanked him for his apology and explained that I didn’t need him to deliver that night if it was out of his way - he could pack it for delivery the next day and just call me 30 minutes before he was due to deliver so that I could make sure I was home.

He explained that it wasn’t always easy to do that, and rather than risk it not happening, he reiterated that he could get someone to drop it off later that night. I agreed, saying I’d be in from 5pm and a few hours later he was true to his word.

I’m quick to moan about companies doing wrong, but I need to congratulate APC on their response. It was swift, decisive and over-and-above what I expected. Thank you.


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