PlusNet Broadband problems - Update

by DannyUK

Following on from my last post about PlusNet, I thought I’d give an update.


After the initial installation problems, the broadband finally got up and running more than a week after it was initially promised.  The only time I could get online whilst it was down was using my mobile or by logging into free WiFi in coffee shops and the likes.

I tried tethering but just couldn’t get a decent connection through the mobile, which was a shame.

I’ve also taken to turning the landline off, as it is still ringing with nuisance calls since PlusNet changed the number.

I chased the PlusNet Twitter team who had promised to look into changing my number and offering a goodwill gesture and was pleased to receive a tweet back saying that they had updated the ticket that was open on my account.  I signed in and read through it.

Plusnet broadband problems - Taken from an article on about PlusNet Broadband problems.

The fact that I have been to this page five times in 18 months now (as at October 2015!) shows how often I check Plusnet’s problem page.

There was no mention of changing the phone number, merely an offer of two months free broadband for my inconvenience.  This would barely cover the cost of the coffee I drank whilst sitting in coffee shops to use the internet, much less any reprinting of business cards that would now have the incorrect landline number on them.  It certainly didn’t cover the inconvenience of being without internet for so long, having to stay in twice for engineers and a third time for the router to be delivered, and having to deal with the phone number issues.

To add to that, the broadband speed I am getting - although much faster than what I was getting with Sky - was still roughly a third of what I was promised by PlusNet.

I’ve emailed PlusNet back, asking them to look into changing the phone number back and also asking them to relook at the compensation offered.  Right now, I wish I had stayed with Sky, but that’s the benefit of hindsight, I guess.

The one positive thing I can say about PlusNet is that their Twitter team seems fairly quick to respond (even if they only work Monday to Friday!) and have always been polite and fairly helpful.  Other than that, the whole experience has been grating.


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