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I’ve mentioned before on the blog that there is no reason in this day and age that a company should keep you waiting in all day for a delivery. It’s something APC Overnight should take heed of.

It’s something I stand by now.  Whether you’re a courier, a whites good delivery company or just a trader, you will have to set your day up so that you know what order you are doing your rounds.  This allows you to offer a smaller delivery window.

Failing that, with everyone having mobile phones, there’s no reason why a driver can’t call ahead and say that he is on his way - whether that means he is five minutes away or that he’ll be there in two hours. It would at least give the customer a chance to plan their own day.

As you may have guessed, this post is borne of frustration at having missed a delivery last week.  I happened to be five minutes from home when the delivery was attempted and had I known it was coming (or had a pre-warning phone call from the driver) I could have been there to sign for it.

Instead, I had to rearrange collection.  I could have opted to pick the parcel up, but given that the depot was a thirty minute drive, I decided I’d wait in instead.  I jumped online and chose redelivery for Monday 30th June, and was disappointed that the system merely confirmed that it would be delivered between 8am and 4pm.  I didn’t have anything planned for the day, but that meant staying in.  All I could do was hope that I would be early on the list.

APC's overnight service level

I note that the “Service Level News” section of the their website is (appropriately) empty.

Well I waited and waited.  The only time the door went was when a door-to-door chugger knocked, and the look of disappointment that shone on my face must have told him that I was expecting someone else.

Come 4.30pm I gave up and went out.  No delivery attempted.  No parcel received.  All I had to show was a mild case of cabin fever.

I called the company today, APC Overnight, to find out what happened.  The guy who answered the phone sounded grumpy, at best as I explained my problem.

“What’s your consignment number?” he asked.  I read it out and could hear him rustling in the background.  He confirmed my address with me before saying “it’s still here.  I can’t get it out to you today.”

I hadn’t asked him to get it out to me today, merely that it hadn’t been delivered yesterday.  I took him to task briefly and asked if he knew why it hadn’t been delivered, saying that I had stayed in all day specifically for it.

“I don’t know,” came the unhelpful reply, “did you call up and rebook it?”

“No, I did it online.”

“I don’t know then.  I can’t get it out today though. I can do tomorrow.”

I could almost feel the steam coming from my ears.  All I wanted was an apology and an explanation, or failing that, just an apology.  It took every sinew not to say this to him, and instead through gritted teeth I merely mumbled for him to deliver it tomorrow.

I put the phone down and seethed. Now I have to take another day out to wait for the parcel, and what’s to say that won’t be forgotten again.  More importantly, what kind of company doesn’t immediately apologise for such a cock up?

Had that been me, I’d have apologised profusely, explained that I would get it delivered as soon as I could on a day suited to the customer, and that I would get the driver to call ahead to give the customer a window.

But then what do I know?  I’m just a pratt that’s going to sitting inside waiting for a delivery again.


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