Get up and go Travelodge Liverpool

by DannyUK

As a famous man once said of Liverpool: “Dey do dough, don’t dey dough?”. Not that those words were uttered about Travelodge Liverpool.


Nor is the saying quite up there with famous quotes about London or Chelmsford, but Harry Enfield certainly nailed the “scallie” image when he came up with that phrase.

Quotes about Cities - London by Samuel Johnson, Chelmsford by Charles Dickens and Liverpool by Harry Enfield

That’s not to say there’s little in the way of inspirational quotes to describe Liverpool.

If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know my love of Chelmsford and London equals only my longing for Costa Coffee.

Given that Dicken’s quote about my city of residence is completely misleading, you’ll forgive me for being playful with the quote used to describe Mersey’s city.

Liverpool has long since shed the image portrayed by Harry Enfield in the early nineties. The permed hair and shell suits so engrained in the memory of the population are rarely seen now. In fact, in 2008 the city was the European Capital of Culture.

I’ve spoken before about things to do in Liverpool. The Old Dock Tour and the Hockney Art Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery have both featured on this blog, but there is far more to the place than a culture lover’s wet dream.

Travelodge recently provided me with a room for the night in Travelodge Liverpool so that I could join in with their “Get Up and Go Travelodge” promotion.

The hotel was located on The Strand, within walking distance of James Street station, and I took the opportunity to take Mrs DannyUK with me. Being fairly well acquainted with the area, I was hoping that she’d have some ideas of where to head to!

“Get Up And Go Travelodge Liverpool Central”

As a City, Liverpool has changed immensely since I first came here in my late teens in 1996. Back then I only saw parts of the city that seemed run down. Visiting now, the change is enormous. Driven partly by the regeneration of Albert Dock, and the huge scale of improvement set down by the shopping centre Liverpool One, the city is now a beautiful place to visit.

Our evening started with a wander over to the docks. Albert Docks was known for being the place where Fred has his floating weather map when Richard and Judy were based doing This Morning in Liverpool.

Since they upped and moved to London, the docks have been transformed and today have some fantastic restaurants overlooking the water, including Miller and Carter, Gusto and Circo. Not only that, but it is also home to the Tate gallery and the Mersey Maritime Museum.

We opted for Miller and Carter and were lucky enough to be seated by the window so we could watch the sun go down in the distance as we ate our steak. After that we went for a stroll across Keel Wharf, taking in the sites of the Echo Arena (which we’ll be back at in September to see Kylie!) and the Wheel of Liverpool, which spins faster than its London Eye cousin.

Doubling back on ourselves, we then took a stroll down the Strand and back towards the hotel. Even though we had been no more than five minutes away, there was enough in the docks that could have kept us entertained. Several Miller and Carter cocktails put paid to going many other places, though, and an early night was had.

The next morning we decided to skip breakfast in the hotel and instead head in towards the city to find some food. A quick look on Google revealed a few places though the first of our choices - a place called Fenwicks - was closed.

All Bar One was our next port of call, with the morning sun shining brightly over a selection of place settings outside. After perusing the menu on the wall outside, we strolled in through the open doors only to be told by a somewhat startled member of staff that they didn’t open until 10 am - some 55 minutes away!

Travelodge Liverpool

The signs near the hotel entrance. Where should we go?…

Dejected and hungry, we crossed the road and found a place called Challains, which describes itself as a family-run bistro. Fortunately, it was open, and we quickly chose some toasted sandwiches to eat in.

With tea for two, a bottle of orange juice and some of the tastiest sarnies I’ve had in years, I was expecting it to be pricey (you can’t buy class - the girlfriend bought breakfast, so I was truly in the dark), but it came in just under a tenner. Superb start to any day!

Fuelled up, a trip to Liverpool One was next on the list. Opened in 2008, boasting over 150 stores, as well as a 14 screen Odeon cinema and a 36 hole adventure golf course, Liverpool One is one of the largest open-air shopping centres in the world. Although neither of us are what you’d class as shopaholics, there was enough to keep us both entertained. Passing through one of the main streets, I found myself grinning again at the Everton Two store.

As we walked through the city centre, there were signposts for the various attractions, many of which we had visited in the past. The Cavern quarter was a few minutes away, the Friends-themed coffee shop, Central Perk was ten minutes past that, and both are worth stopping by if you have time.

Our destination was the Walker Art Gallery - an old favourite of us both. Sitting at the top end of the city, it is neighbour to the World Museum as well as overlooking Wellington’s Column and St John’s Garden, and a stone’s throw from both the Empire Theatre and the Royal Court Theatre.

All in all, one night just wasn’t enough to experience everything in the city. We got a sample of what was on offer, but the reality is that you’d need a few days here to get to do everything that is worth doing, and even then you’d find more things that you wanted to do as you travelled about.

Travelodge Liverpool - MrsDannyUK and I selfie in Liverpool

MrsDannyUK and I take a selfie in Liverpool

My thanks go to Travelodge Liverpool who provided us with a free room for the night in exchange for joining in with the “Get up and go Travelodge” promotion.

The location was superb and meant that we were in walking distance to all of the places mentioned above. The hotel is fairly new too, meaning that the rooms look fresh.

The Travelodge website can be found here, and the individual details for The Strand hotel that we stayed in can be found here.

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