Minecraft giveaway! Win Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook

by DannyUK

Hot on the heels of our Balloon Baboon competition, which was wildly popular, I’m pleased to announce our next competition.  Your chance to win Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook.


If your kids are anything like mine, they will be head over heels in love with Minecraft.  All four of mine seem to relish in playing it, watching YouTube videos about it and researching it.

This book only came out a few months ago, but it’s been wildly popular.

Amazon describes it like this:

Here’s everything you need to know to get connected to the electrifying possibilities of Redstone.

From basic mining and logic circuits to more advanced mechanics, this book will give you step by step instructions to get you fully wired to Redstone. With builds including Redstone traps and arrow firers you never need fear creepers again!

Plus, see some of the most amazing community creations from the very best Redstone builders–they’ll blow your mind!

There are plenty of ways to enter using the Gleam competition entry below.  Whether that’s by following me on Twitter, clicking on links or various other methods, you can earn as many entries as you like.  Some options allow daily entries too.

If you’re already following me on Twitter, Facebook etc, just click the entry as you already qualify.

Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook giveaway

Win Minecraft The Official Redstone Handbook in the new DannyUK.com competition

This book!

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