Kept waiting by City Link and a poor estimated delivery time

by DannyUK

Time waits for no man. Apparently though it waits for City Link.


I was silly enough to order online from Argos a few days ago, and though that process was swift and easy, I was given a delivery date of today, with an estimated time of between 7 am and 8 pm. A nice, thirteen-hour window, thanks for that, Argos.

Knowing that delivery companies are generally crap, I decided to click on the “Where is my order” link in the email that Argos had sent me. The first problem of the day appeared when the Argos website didn’t recognise my order number. No problem, a quick tweet to @ArgosHelpers and I had a DM arrive telling me that the order was split over two consignments, and giving me two City Link tracking references.

City Link waiting

Grrr! City link running late.

I tap each of these into the City Link website and it showed a delivery estimate of “between 9.38am and 11.38am” for one parcel and - bizarrely - a time of 9.50am to 11.50am for the second. Whether that means they are on two different delivery schedules, I don’t know. Perhaps it just takes 12 minutes to do the paperwork between parcels?

Knowing that I had stuff to do today, I was grateful that I had a two-hour slot, and sat in to wait. And wait. And wait… It’s now gone 3 pm and I am still waiting. City Link has not replied to my tweet asking what’s happening, by the way.

The City Link website merely says that they are running late, with no mention of how late. Obviously they have a disclaimer on the website to say that the delivery hours are between 7.30am and 5.30pm, which means that they will no doubt refuse to take any blame for the incorrect delivery estimate.

It annoys the hell out of me in this day and age that companies can’t get their act together. If Tesco can deliver in a one-hour time slot, and City Link are able to give a two-hour slot as an estimate, it shouldn’t be that hard to then not be over three hours past that, should it? I had a similar problem with Stellisons last year too.

On the plus side, there is practically no clothing in the house that is now not freshly washed and dried. Silver linings, and all that.

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