Owly - Capturing your day in 10 second soundbites

by DannyUK

I’m always keen to try new apps out. Admittedly, most last no longer than a few days, but Owly has kept me amused for a couple of weeks now.

I stumbled across Owly on Reddit, where the author of the app had posted it. It sounded an interesting concept. The app records ten seconds of audio roughly every 30-90 minutes throughout the day.

You can review the audio that has been recorded at any time, and share it with friends who also use the app, or externally if needed.


The Owly app has shown me just how dull my day can be. Listening back, it’s apparent that I do very little every day, which is a little soul-destroying, but nothing that I didn’t know already.

However, it has captured some interesting snippets too. In one 24 hour period it caught me discussing some in depth feelings, a sentence from someone regarding a friend who they thought was self-harming as well as this:

The above soundclip makes me giggle every time I play it back, the dirty sod that I am. I should point out that I was fast asleep at the time!

Owly is not an app that is designed to change the world.  It’s made for fun, it’s being updated regularly, and it has some basic flaws (the location function can be a bit off, for example).  But you know what? It’s free, it can be funny, and I’ve had two friends sign up so that we can exchange snippets when we want to.

It’s only available for Android at the moment, and is a free download here: Owly for Android.

Owly screenshots

A selection of screenshots taken from the Owly app.


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