The car of the future?

My kids have an amazing ability to open car doors into things.  You name it, they’ve slammed one of my car doors into it.  Which is why I can’t wait for the car of the future.

Whether it’s another car, lampposts, each other or on one occasion, the kerb, it seems that my four kids prefer my car to have a rustic, beaten up look.

When it came to renewing my insurance and I was asked what colour the car was, I was tempted to write “Silver, with flecks of colour from dozens of other cars down the edge of all doors except the driver door.”

I love new technology, and this is no different.  I saw this gif the other day and it will be ideal for those of us with children that lack subtlety when opening doors.

Forget safety ratings, top speeds, wifi connectivity or anything else.  The car of the future for me does this:

Car parking made easier

Car parking in tight spaces will be easier once all cars are like this!

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