The world’s largest Costa Coffee

by DannyUK

In 2014 Costa Norton Canes will serve as many customers as the population of Birmingham and have 10.2 tons, the equivalent of 19 African elephants, delivered.


That’s a Hell of a statistic, and one that makes the Norton Canes Costa the biggest in the world. As a self-confessed Costa fanatic, I couldn’t wait to have a look.

The coffee shop is located on the popular Norton Canes services, which is situated just off of the M6 toll road near Birmingham.

Costa Coffee Norton Canes - Largest Costa Coffee in the world.

The left-hand side counter, showing the food offering and barista in the background.

It’s said to be capable of well over £100k of sales per week and has been designed to cope with the massive footfall visiting the M6 toll road service area, which is just as well as Site Director Peter Watson claims “In our busiest week over 106,000 people walk through the doors here at Norton Canes and this store will allow us to serve them great coffee faster than ever before”

Each year, the new store expects to serve over 1 million customers, prepare 840,000 hot drinks for drivers, including 279,600 lattes, and to have 10.2 tons of coffee delivered. That’s the equivalent of serving coffees to the entire population of Birmingham.

The M6 Toll - a love and hate relationship

With thirty outlets across the Roadchef estate, Costa has operated at Roadchef sites since 1999 and this latest, largest outlet will have six service positions, thirty baristas, and six coffee machines.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited. Obviously the unit would be different from the standard Costa Coffee stores, though only in terms of being fairly open plan like many of their other service station stores.

What greeted me was an extremely wide Costa layout, mirrored on each side with what is probably best described as two stores alongside each other. Each side had their own counter, tills and coffee machines, and both were open and serving customers.

Largest Costa Coffee in Norton Canes - side view. Taken from an article by

The side view.

There are seats either side of each store, and bizarrely these stretch not only alongside the two “stores” but also behind them.

The service is quick, as you’d expect with such a vast layout though I’m sure this will be tested when the Summer season kicks in.

Personally I would like to have seen the store a little more enclosed as, given that it is part of the services, the seats that you would assume are Costa seats are taken by patrons eating food from the other venues. No one needs to try and relax with a coffee and suffer the smell of fish and chips lingering in the area!

As large as it is, I was expecting the Costa to take up more room though I note that it is expected to be the largest Costa Coffee store in the world by volume sales rather than by size. To serve a similar amount of coffee in a High Street store would require a much bigger layout - something that’s not needed when they are catering for a large volume of take out drinks at Norton Canes.

Largest Costa Coffee in Norton Canes - panoramic. Taken from an article by

The panoramic


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