I have a tendency to reflect. The trouble is that when I voice my thoughts to other people, they don’t understand where I am coming from. “I fell in love with you because Barclays took over the Woolwich” is a prime example.

Sit me down anywhere and I’m generally happy with my own company. I can certainly keep myself entertained, though being alone sends my brain into overdrive and I reflect on a lot of things. Should I choose to tell people my thought process, I get told I’m strange. In fact, it’s these utterings as well as the social awkwardness I feel (though rarely display) and my ability to tune into repetitive tasks that lead many close friends to claims that I have autism. Personally, I prefer to say that I show signs of symptoms found on the autism spectrum.
The other day I was sitting in a Costa in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t uncommon for me. I like familiarity and if I’m in a town that I don’t know, it’s common for me to search out the local Costa at some point. I fired up Whatsapp and sent a message to a group of friends on there. The caffeine has a verbal diahhrea effect on me, and after a latte it’s not unusual for me to produce texts, emails and various other writings at a speed on par with Jordan writing yet another autobiography. “I’m sat in Costa, trying to work out how many different Costas I have been to.” I wrote. It wasn’t a lie, either. I even tweeted FourSquare to see if there was a way that I could download data from my FourSquare account that would tell me the answer, seeing as I tend to log in on FourSquare everywhere that I go. Apparently it’s unusual to spend fifteen minutes thinking through this information. Who knew, huh?

I also tend to trace things back. It never ceases to amaze me how many coincidences need to occur for certain things to happen. “Had Barclays not taken over the Woolwich in the 90s, we never would have met.” I told Mrs DannyUK not so long back.

Why do I love you, you ask?

This statement would perhaps not be odd had each of us worked for one of the two financial institutions and met through the takeover. The fact that we only met a few years ago, and only started dating a couple of years back makes it unusual. However, in summary, the merger of the two banks caused a windfall payout to existing Woolwich members. The money that came from that was used to buy my first PC. That computer allowed me to go online for the first time using a 28.8k dial up modem. To connect to the internet, I used AOL. Once I was fairly au fait with AOL, I became a regular in the AOL Chat rooms, where I met a girl called Lisa, who remains a firm friend to this day. A decade or more after chatting for the first time, Lisa mentioned in passing that she had been listening to Radio 4 and they had mentioned a fairly new thing called Twitter. I signed up off the back of it, and a year or two later got chatting to my now-girlfriend on the same medium. We met up, got on, eventually met up a long time later and got off (!), and haven’t looked back since. So Barclays taking over the Woolwich led me to the love of my life. Simple, huh?

Mrs DannyUK - windswept in Liverpool

Of course, the reverse of this infuriates me beyond belief. I can’t sit down and work out what would have happened had I chosen to go to university rather than leave school at 16, for example. I can go so far as to say that my life would have been vastly different, but there are too many variables for me to even be able to take a guess at what life would be like had I done that. Growing up, when people would talk about Heaven, I would always have my own view of what it would be like. Whilst others droned on about fluffy white clouds, angels greeting them and being surrounded by loved ones (Catholic schools - gotta love ’em), my utopia was always a place where I could sit and view life over and over again, choosing different scenarios and watching them play out. You’re going to be there for eternity, just think of how many versions of life you could view.

Do you ever trace things back through your life to a single event or happening? Or am I just odd?

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