The Snip - Vasectomy Day is approaching!

I can’t believe how quickly the appointment for my operation has come around. It only seems like yesterday that I was talking to the doctor about having the snip, yet here I am now just 48 hours away from the procedure being done.

I’ve had friends ask me how I feel about it, and whether I’m nervous. The truth is no, not at all. I can’t say I’m overly looking forward to being conscious while someone cuts through my testes.

Googling the operation was also a mistake, in hindsight, though at least I am prepared for the smell of burning testicles as they laser through the appropriate tubes.

Compared to a similar operation for a woman, though, this is a breeze. The 4-6 weeks of not being able to have sex pales into insignificance alongside a lifetime of not having to worry about contraception. No more concerns over whether a condom has split, or if we’ve been one of the unlucky 2% of couples where the pill has failed. After all, with four kids and two step kids, it’s not like we need another baby in our lives.

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I’ve been told that it’s common to feel anxiety or worry beforehand, and that this leads to feelings of not wanting it done. I can honestly say that’s not happened either, and I’m wondering whether those worries will kick in at all.

I’ve roped in a friend to give me a lift to and from the hospital as Mrs DannyUK was unable to get down to be with me. Which is probably just as well given the effect she has on me, bless her. The last time I had surgery like this was a circumcision a few years ago, where I drove home afterwards against the advice of the doctors. I made it home safely, but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

I know that I will almost definitely be taking “before” and “after” photos (hooray for it not being a cold Wintery week!), and I know that there is a big part of me that will want to post them on the blog too. Whether that happens or not, I’ll see, but if it does, the photos will be linked to a separate website rather than stuck in the middle of a blog post for all to see. In other words, the pictures will only be seen if you go out of your way to see them.

I’ve cleared my diary for the early part of next week in an effort to give myself some time to recover, and a planned trip to Liverpool the following weekend has also been shelved. I’m hoping that the combination of tight underwear and generally being ultra-macho will mean that it won’t keep me off my feet at all, though I fully expect to milk the operation as an excuse not to do any lifting / moving / housework etc.

The post-circumcision check up - “Your penis looks lovely!”

The first thing in the diary is a night out on Wednesday with my good friend Kip, who I haven’t been out with for months, and the good people who gave me the Parallels Access software to review some time ago. Fortunately that’s taking place locally, and if all else fails I can drink away the pain and roll home.

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