Taking care of the beard - Which beard oil and beard soap are best? Step forward Men Rock!

This blog throws up some surprises sometimes. One such surprise was an unexpected package through from Mankind, who I have mentioned before, with some Men Rock beard oil and beard soap products.  Seeing as I am now taking care of the beard, this was thoroughly welcomed.

Those who know me, know that I’m a beardy weirdy. After years of being smooth-shaven and baby-faced, I started growing a beard in my early thirties and haven’t really looked back.

Whether it’s stubble, or my attempt to recreate Tom Hanks in Castaway, the beard is now here to stay for the foreseeable future.


Generally speaking, I’ve never been a great fan of grooming products for men. One of the appealing features of a beard is that it negates the need for shaving in the morning.

However, these Men Rock products are pretty much use-and-go, so they’re ideal for a lazy bum like me.

First of all was the Men Rock Beard Oil - Jazz, which you just massage into your beard.


Taking care of the beard - Mankind Beard Oil - Jazz

Men Rock Beard Oil Jazz

There was also Men Rock - The Beard Soap, which again you just massage into your beard.

And also Men Rock - The Soothing Beard Balm which - you’ve guessed it - you massage into your beard.

All three products are great though I have to admit my favourite is the beard oil, simply because it smells good and softens the beard.

Men Rock Beard Soap

Men Rock Beard Soap

I wasn’t planning to blog about these, but I was surprised how taken I was with them.

You can order the Men Rock products online at Mankind, and even better you can get up to 7% cashback from Quidco at the same time (sign up for Quidco here and you get £1 straight away!)

by DannyUK


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