Mumday Monday linky - Week 3

by DannyUK

It’s been a funny week for me, blog wise. I moved the blog from one host to another, managing to drop nine days worth of posts from the blog, changing the links for every single link for old posts and even losing the blog completely for a few hours.


Fortunately the worst seems to be over, but it’s taken time and effort to get things back to normal. Frustratingly, the blog was fine with the previous host and could have remained where it was. I only chose to move it (possibly misguidedly) to help a friend. Oh well. The lesson is, back up your own data, and talk to your friends more.

This linky is still finding its feet as I try to determine how best to run it. Calling it #MumdayMonday is obviously alliterative and rolls fairly nicely off the tongue, but I think on reflection opening it over the weekend is easier and better.

It also means people can read more on the Monday if there’s more time for people to submit links on a Sunday. The original idea behind the linky was to get more “interesting” blog posts to read. By which I mean posts about parenting as opposed to anything else.

That’s why, despite a name aimed at mums, it’s open to anything mum-related. It’s a loose-fitting term, but it allows me to read posts about families (and it’s just struck me that I should rename this “Family Friday”), rather than posts about coffee, Anchorman 2 giveaways and Netflix, to use my own blog as an example.

So without further ado, please feel free to add your parent-based (or “mummy story” based) links below. I’ll try to read and comment on every one, and will also try to get them retweeted.

If you can help spread the word too by retweeting about the linky using the hashtag #MumdayMonday, or by linking up with the image below

There’s also an option below the linky to “Blog hop” it: Basically so that more people get to see your entry!


Mumday Monday

Finally, a big, big thank you to Vic whose text I pretty much stole from in order to write this page. She runs #PoCoLo which is, quite frankly, a brilliant linky. Check it out here.

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