Vasectomy - the snip, complete with rude picture!

by DannyUK

After having four kids, as well as two step kids, my days of being a new father are long behind me. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t agree.


Friends who have known me for a long time jokingly refer to me as the most fertile man in the world. It’s always tongue in cheek, but naturally there is a truth to it. I’m one of the lucky ones that has never struggled to have kids. Each time we tried for children we fell pregnant very quickly. I say “we”, my ex-wife was obviously the one carrying the baby though it’s noticeable that we both ended with big round tummies at the end. Who knew I’d get a Dominos Pizza craving too, huh?

When I approached the doctor about sterilisation, he barely blinked. Taking into account my age (mid-30s), the number of kids I have (4 plus 2), my long term relationship status. It was all fairly standard stuff. Had I been younger, or child free then I dare say I would have had a much longer talk through with him. Despite using contraception, there is always the worry that they aren’t 100% effective. A recent pregnancy scare, which turned out to be merely a delayed period due to stress, was enough to convince me that I needed to get the snip.

Naturally, the paperwork about the procedure came through on a day that I had the kids, and though they ignored me as I read through the paperwork, the one time they happened to look over was when I was looking at this page:

Vasectomy - 2014-04-18 18.01.27

“What’s THAT daddy?…”

Thankfully, factual answers were taken on board and things swiftly moved on, and despite my 9-year-old asking what condoms were (after seeing the Durex RealFeel review), telling her that they were used in sex just elicited a response of “ewwwww!”. I don’t think my kids need to know much more about their dad’s decision to have a stranger cut into his balls.

The procedure is scheduled for a month or so’s time. Wish me luck!


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