Durex Real Feel condoms review

What’s long, hard and full of seamen?

A submarine, of course. If your mind thought of a different answer and wondered if my spelling was on the wane, then I would politely suggest you may have sex on the brain. In which case, read on, you may enjoy this. It’s about Durex Real Feel condoms.

Durex Real Feel condoms. Better for a natural feel - taken from a review by DannyUK.com

The display!

Sex for parents

As a dad of four kids, I’d like to think I’ve learnt a thing or two about safe sex, albeit eventually. Firstly, despite what people will tell you, having a baby or a toddler in your life will NOT be a barrier to either sex or having more kids.

There are, on average, 18 months between each of mine. If anything, having a kid that can’t yet walk only leads to more sex, because nothing kills passion faster than a toddler wandering in mid-coitus. Well, apart from putting a tv in the bedroom.

You may convince yourself that thrusting in time to the dongs in the opening credits to News At Ten is a good thing, or that doggy style exists primarily so you can both watch Corrie whilst copulating, but the truth is that it kills the flames of passion faster than a wet fart escaping unannounced from under the duvet.

Assuming that your sex life is alive and kicking and that it involves more than just you on your own, you’ve probably considered contraception. The majority of readers that visit this blog are parents. Mums and dads have a lot more on their plates than some, simply due to family commitments.

As such, they are happier with the immediate availability of a condom, not wanting to be tied down (no kinky pun intended) to having to commit to a regular and controlled usage of another contraception.

Why choose condoms?

But as there are plenty of contraceptives available, why choose condoms? Availability and ease of use aside, it seems to be primarily because more people are wanting to move away from hormone-based contraceptives, such as the pill or injections.

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Durex have sent me some RealFeel condoms to try and have kindly offered a payment for me to review these, though this blog entry is entirely reflective of my thoughts, and a true representation of my experience with the product. I was asked to record a video review, which I’ll put a link up to when it’s sent on to me though rest assured that I only talk about condoms. There is be no live demonstration…

The first thing you’ll notice with the newest condom in the Durex range is the smell of it. There isn’t one – Not much of one, at least. Certainly, no horrible latex or rubber lingering in the air which you may have experienced with other condoms. It’s a definite good start.

The second thing you will notice – hopefully notice – is that the condom rolls back six inches. It’s perfectly adequate if you happen to be perfectly adequate.

Feel good

But that’s not why you’re reading this. I know that, and you know that. Let’s be honest, in the heat of the moment, the smell or size of a condom isn’t so important. What you want to be confident of is that the condom will feel good. If this wasn’t an important issue, blokes everywhere would be reaching for clingfilm and elastic bands as a means of preventing pregnancy and STDs.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of using a poor quality prophylactic, you’ll know that it can make sex dull. Even duller than if you hadn’t organically found out how far the sheath rolls back.

A lack of sensation is a horrible thing. If you think falling asleep on your arm and waking up with a dead hand is bad, imagine having that feeling down below.

Durex Real Feel condoms - Natural feel condoms

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Non-latex condoms

Durex have combatted this with their RealFeel condoms by making them even thinner. The result is a heightened sensation, and one which – although still not completely matching the feel of being sheath-free – is as close as I’ve ever felt using condoms before. It seems twee to say it, but there really was a difference.

The added bonus is that they are made from non-latex polyisoprene.  In layman’s terms, that means they have a higher elasticity than natural rubber latex and are softer and thus more comfortable.

So overall, what was my impression?

I don’t like condoms. No matter how good they are, they minimise sensation and they do their job superbly well in acting as a barrier between nether regions. But, the Durex Real Feel condoms are good. There is definitely more sensation using these than any other condom I’ve tried in the past, and I certainly would pick these up over any other type when shopping. They’re packed in a box of 14 – so a weeks supply if you’re in a new relationship. Possibly 18 months worth if you’ve been married for some time.

latex free condoms review - Durex Real Feel condoms packet - taken from a review by DannyUK.com

Cost of Durex Real Feel condoms

They’re priced at £11.99 for 19, which is quite expensive in terms of regular condoms, but given the fact that they are latex-free, coupled with the extra-thin material and heightened sensation, it’s worth it.

Lastly, ladies, they come in a gold packet. This means that when you give them to your man, he can pretend he’s a champion. You can keep quiet about the fact that he’s only got the gold medal because he came first, again.

Durex Real Feel website

You can see my 2-minute Durex Real Feel condom review on YouTube here.

You can also buy a 12-pack of Real Feel condoms from Amazon here. (affiliate link)

Or buy an 18-pack of Durex Real Feel condoms at Amazon here. (affiliate link)

Durex love sex Real Feel condoms

Buy Durex latex-free condoms at Amazon

You can also see the aftermath of the review when I let my friend Tasha loose with a spare condom, and we ended up Vining. Unfortunately, we were both stone-cold sober when these acts of silliness were carried out.

Tasha shows how to use a condom

Proving that the condoms don’t smell bad “Smell my hands!”

The Essex Male’s natural habitat

by DannyUK

Disclaimer: Durex were kind enough to provide a box of Durex Real Feel condoms for free, as well as a payment for an honest review of the product. My thanks to everyone at Durex. This blog post contains affiliate links.

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