Mattel BOOMco Twisted Spinner Review

by DannyUK

Summer is on the way, and I have broken the news to the kids that the onset of good weather means an imminent divorce with Minecraft. Thankfully, Mattel’s new BOOMco Twisted Spinner has made that task easier.


The BOOMco Twisted Spinner is a new blaster from Mattel. Supplied with 8 plastic darts, a target and a bag to carry it all in, it’s probably best described as Mattel’s answer to the Nerf range of blasters.

I was sent the Spinner to try and fully expected my seven-year-old son to be thoroughly intrigued by it. In fact, it was my 13-year-old daughter than monopolised it, and even as I speak is running around firing indiscriminately at those she claims to love.

Reload (The crowd says Bo! Selecta!)

Fortunately, the darts don’t hurt. The sound they make as they fly against a wooden door from 10ft away was scary enough that not one of the kids believed me when I said being hit by one wouldn’t hurt. I could only prove this by first firing at my own hand, then letting one of them fire at me.

Eventually, I tired of being cannon fodder and declared that the Twisted Spinner could only be used by those that had voluntarily been hit by a dart. Whilst three of the kids were reluctantly happy to do so, the fourth was volunteered by myself, and all agreed that they didn’t hurt in the slightest.

So is this a toy that has any longevity? Minecraft, after all, is like crack to kids. I think it has the potential to be. Certainly, I can envisage my kids engaging long into Summer days firing at each other though that is restricted at the moment due to only having the one blaster. In the meantime, competitions as to who can score the most points on the target are enough to keep them amused.

Rapid fire!

The shooter doesn’t require batteries, which is a Godsend as decent batteries aren’t cheap. It comes with a shield that is easy to attach and detach and it’s fairly easy to rapidly fire the bullets. The downside is that sometimes the shooter seems to jam, and though that’s not a major issue, it can be frustrating. The target that is provided allows the bullets to stick to it, and these can be difficult to remove. My eldest also suggested that the bullets needed a tracking device. The reason for this is the ferocity with which the bullets rebound off of doors and walls, and tend to get lost.

The blaster comes with 8 darts and a target to aim at, which the darts stick to thanks to what Mattel call their “smart stick” technology. The shield on the blaster has the same lining meaning that if someone fires at you, there is a chance to catch the darts fired at you on the shield and reuse them yourself.

Mattel BoomCo Twisted spinner

The weapon of choice! The Mattel BoomCo Twisted spinner

Interestingly, Amazon describes this toy as being good for “numeracy and spacial awareness”, which I suppose is true. It’s far easier to say that it’s just good fun, though.

Does it hurt? Nope…

The BOOMCo Twisted Spinner retails at £24.99 though the link below this post is much cheaper and also helps support this blog!

A quick Google search reveals that it’s also available at Smyths Toys, Argos, Toys R Us and Tesco, so pretty much any decent toy supplier. Recommended for ages 6+, I can safely say that it’s even suited for men in their mid-thirties.

All in all, I like it. The kids can play with it and not do anyone any harm, even if they’re trying to. I can envisage a trip to the toy shop to get another one in the near future to allow full-scale battles to take place between siblings. I also reckon that it’s an ideal outdoor toy. There’s also not a pixelated pickaxe in sight!

You can see more about the BOOMco Twisted Spinner here:

Visit the Official BOOMco Twisted Spinner website.
Check out the Official BOOMco Twisted Spinner YouTube channel.
Or see photos at the Official BOOMco Twisted Spinner Instagram.

Buy the BOOMco Twisted Spinner Blaster from Amazon with this link.


I was sent this Twisted Spinner by a PR company in exchange for an honest review. No payment was received and all views expressed here are honest and my own.

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