Does James Argent hire his own paparazzi?

by DannyUK

Last night I had been invited to the opening of the new bar in Chelmsford. CTZN Bar has taken over the old Toad On The River / Que Pasa / The Purple Lounge place opposite Argos and looks set to be a hot new venue. That wasn’t the highlight of my night, though.


The night started as a meal at Nandos with friends. What had originally been planned for just two of us somehow expanded to five of us tucking into the medium-spiced goodness offered by the chicken chain.

After dessert, which caused orgasmic noises from some of the girls, the likes of which I haven’t heard outside of overenthusiastic porn, we eventually decided to make a move.

CTZN Bar is located a 30 second walk from Nandos in Chelmsford, and despite tonight being the official opening (with Saturday being the night that Marvin from JLS is on the scene to “officially” open it, and no, I don’t understand why it’s on a different day either), I had managed to get invites to the pre-launch event.

Expecting it to be a quietish affair, I was surprised to see so many people on Twitter tweeting about being invited. My fears were met as we got close to the venue. Music was blaring, and peeking inside it was obvious that the average age of patrons was probably below 20.

Between the five of us, we decided that we’d be better off skipping the bar and going home - a truly collectively sad decision made jointly by people in their late twenties to mid-thirties. I think one of us even complained of having a chill.

Two of the girls realised they’d left something back at Nandos, and scuttled back to fetch the missing item, and the remaining three of us stood chatting outside the venue.

Louise commented that she’d read on Twitter that “some twat from TOWIE” was going to be there, which was another reason not to go.

As a non-TOWIE watcher, it looked to me as though everyone in the bar was from TOWIE, with matching clothing, hairstyles and - from the snippets overheard outside - the strange way of saying half-words like jel, Arg and reem. Incidentally, if you’re wondering what they are short for, I believe jel is short for “jealous”, Arg means “Argent” as in James Argent, who appears on TOWIE, and reem means “Remember you’re a womble”.

Does TOWIE star James Argent hire his own paparazzi? Taken from an article by

TOWIE’s James Argent. Reem. Or something.

We ambled slowly back to the restaurant when I noticed a photographer stood outside in the dark streets, snapping dozens and dozens of photos through the window.

I motioned to the other two and commented that it was odd. My first thought was that it was a very unsubtle private investigator taking photos of an adulterer in action.

Then Chris nudged me and revealed that “That’s Arg!” I had no idea what he was banging on about, until it was revealed that Arg was a character from TOWIE who happened to be sat in Zizzi. The photographer was not, in fact, a PI, but a member of the paparazzi.

We stood outside chatting for ten minutes between ourselves, the whole time he was snapping several shots per second. I was surprised that he needed so many photos, and also that there was only one pap outside rather than several if the guy was that popular.

What happened next made me laugh. The photographer lowered his camera, and moved around the side of the restaurant. Thinking that he was going for a series of shots from a different angle, I was surprised to see him enter the restaurant. It was a bold, if not cheeky move, going inside to take photographs.

Chris and I exchanged glances and stepped back slightly so we could see into the restaurant. The photographer then sat down at the same table as Arg and started chatting. It turns out that they were on fairly good terms.

Is it common practice for reality stars to take their paparazzi with them when they go out? Can we expect to see photographs of James Argent “snapped having dinner” in a celebrity mag in the near future?


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