Mankind: The Beard Trend - A guest post

by DannyUK recently spoke to me about putting together something for a blog post that they were doing. With tongue planted firmly in cheek and a twinkle in my eye, I wrote something and it’s gone live today.


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DannyUK at

You can read the entry here on their official blog, where they discuss the current fashion for sporting a beard. There’s even advice on growing, maintaining and putting the finishing touches to your facial fuzz.

Feel free to read and comment on the post over at Mankind, or you can add your own wise words of wisdom here at the bottom of this blog post.

Edit: For those interested, there is a great little site which offers a guide to beard trimmers. It also has articles on how to shape a beard, how to get your beard to grow faster and much more! Check out the best beard trimmers on the site too.


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