Changing tires has always been a pain. Fortunately there’s a cheap and easy way around it now.

I’ve never been a big fan of getting my hands dirty. Partly because I’m generally not very good at stuff that involves anything manual, and partly because, well, the dirt. Grime under the fingernails has never appealed. The fact that I can pay someone to do these jobs for me is definitely something I am torn about. Over the moon that I can shell out hard cash to get it done. Annoyed that it costs me money.

Step forward eTyres.

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After seeing them recommended by Kip, I gave them a call on a Tuesday, just before 1pm. The call took no more than five minutes, in which time I had explained that I wasn’t sure how many tyres needed replacing, but agreed to pay for four, with an agreement that I could get the money refunded if I took less. I was given the option to pay for just two, or to pay on the day, but I was confident that all four would need replacing, so was happy to pay out. Buying the four tyres also gave me a £25 discount.

I had to provide some basic information about the tyres needed, but fortunately these are all stamped on the outside of the existing tyres, which makes things easy for an idiot like me. Once I had the tyre width, profile and wheel size, all that was left was to arrange the time and date.

Tyre information needed from eTyres

Tyre information needed from eTyres

The operator took all of my details and the payment, reconfirmed that I would get a refund if it was found that I needed less tyres than I had paid for. Less than two minutes after finishing the call, I had received an email confirmation of the appointment which had been made for the following day. I was told that I would be called and given a timescale the following morning from the guy fitting the tyres.

True to their word, I got a call at 9.20am on the Wednesday from Rob who confirmed he’d be there between 9.30am and 10am. Not only did he turn up on time, he checked the tyres and told me that only the front two tyres needed replacing. I made him a cup of coffee, left him to it (after all, no one likes being watched while they work) and within thirty minutes he was finished. He arranged for my card to refunded, saying that the difference would be applied back to the card.

All in all, it was an excellent service. Although I lost out on the £25 discount for four tyres, I still received a £10 discount for buying two, and the whole process couldn’t have been any easier. The only downside was that the refund slipped through the net and I had to chase it a month later. They apologised and it was processed the next day. That aside, it’s a service I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. After all, they come to you, they do the hard work, and as the tyres only cost around £50 each including fitting, it was a fairly cheap service too.

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