Hotel Chocolat Easter!

by DannyUK

I’ve expressed my fondness for Hotel Chocolat on this blog in the past. If blog posts were film titles, then this would have been called “Hotel Chocolat 2 - This time it’s seasonal!” with a tagline of “Chock-a-block with a lot of choc!”


Hotel Chocolat Easter - Pick Me Up Easter box - Taken from a review by

The Hotel Chocolat Easter - Pick Me Up parcel.

No sooner had Valentine’s Day come and gone, then Hotel Chocolat Easter collections hit their shelves. Fortunately, the mid-February day of love means that their shops aren’t only Easter-themed like many of the Supermarket confectionary aisles are.

This makes it an even more welcome addition when the shelves fill up with Christ-died-for-your-sins goodies! (Sorry, that’s the Catholic upbringing creeping in there!)

I was lucky enough to be sent a box of chocolates to try from Hotel Chocolat and I asked for the Hotel Chocolat Easter Pick Me Up set. The set contains 6 White Praline Bunnies, 6 Salted Caramel Egglets and 4 Raspberry Zinger Egglets, and retails for £13, though if you’re a canny shopper, you can sign up to Quidco before you order and you’ll get free delivery and 8% cashback, or 10% off a £35 spend and free delivery

The pack arrived by post in a Hotel Chocolat bag, closed with a black ribbon, and it looked very classy in comparison to just getting a box of chocolates. I unwrapped the ribbon and dived in. The chocolates had been packed nicely into the box, but seemed to have moved during transport and were all sitting askew. This didn’t detract from my instinct to tear into the chocolates at all though I managed to last long enough to take some photos of how they were presented.

Hotel Chocolat Easter - Pick Me Up Easter box - Taken from a review by

Hotel Chocolat - Easter - Pick Me Up Easter box

Once they were taken out of the pack, they were separately wrapped in groups of the same chocolates. They looked good though I’ll admit that the pink of the raspberry zinger egglets was slightly offputting. Nonetheless, I dove in.

Hotel Chocolat - Easter - Pick Me Up Easter box - Unpacked

Once unpacked, there are three packs of goodies.

This is where the review goes slightly wonky. For all of the pre-consumption photographing that took place, once the chocolates were opened (you know, so I could try just one from each pack), it wasn’t long before I’d demolished the lot.

The White Praline Bunnies were gorgeous and really melted in the mouth. The Raspberry Zinger Egglets were fruity and sharp though I have to admit that these didn’t appeal to me at all, though Kip & Loz polished them off within seconds when I passed them around. Lastly, the 6 Salted Caramel Egglets were possibly the best chocolate caramels I have ever tasted and trust me when I say I have tasted a LOT of chocolate. The caramel is runny. Not runny in the way you expect caramel to be, when it oozes slightly after you’ve taken a bite from a Cadburys Caramel bar. This is like a liquid, and it tastes absolutely fantastic.

Hotel Chocolat Easter - Pick Me Up Easter box - A seasonal selection of filled chocolates - Taken from a review by

“A seasonal selection of filled chocolates”

As I mentioned above, the Pick Me Up Easter collection is just £13, and for that price you get a total of 16 chocolates. If you are a fan of good quality chocolate, you’ll be used to paying a premium price, but you’ll also appreciate the difference in quality. Although the raspberry zinger chocolates weren’t to my liking at all, the speed at which they disappeared at Casa Del Hakes indicates it may just be my palate to blame.

Conversely, the way that I practically inhaled the caramel eggs is testament to my claims above about them being my new favourite chocolate. Frustratingly, they are only available as part of this collection!

Hotel Chocolat have forged an excellent reputation, and rightfully so. Premium chocolate that tastes great from a growing British brand - what’s not to love?

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The Hotel Chocolat Easter selection is here.

Disclaimer: These chocolates were provided free of charge for me to review on the blog. All opinions expressed here are true and honest, and all words are my own. My thanks to everyone at Hotel Chocolat.

Bonus material: After having a rabbit-loving friend called Charlotte tell me that I shouldn’t be eating bunnies, I recorded this:


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