Brilliance In Blogging

by DannyUK

The world of blogging is equally as lonely as it is incestuous. The backslapping and cliques that occur in some areas are akin to self-fellatio in terms of having to be seen to be believed.


I’ve always maintained that this blog is a labour of love above anything else. It is a dumping ground for random thoughts, funny occurrences and reviews on things that I try out. It’s not done for profit (as I write this, my inner monologue is laughing at the very thought of this being a for-profit venture worthy of chasing), it’s not even done for recognition.

But… Everyone likes being recognised. Basic human instinct drives us forward in life looking to love and be loved. I’d quite like some love for this blog.

The Brilliance In Blogging awards are coming up, and after deliberation, I thought I’d write a post asking for votes. Voting has been underway for a couple of weeks, and I have definitely missed the floating voters. As such, I don’t expect to do well. But I would like to at least make a tiny little mark on the voting, even if it’s a solitary mention at the bottom of a list.

Brilliance In Blogging Award 2014 BiBs 2014 - Taken from a post by

With that in mind, could you please vote for me?

Vote here!

I’d normally suggest you vote for your favourite blogs, but this time I am merely going to ask that you just vote for mine to make it easier. There are loads of categories, but the ones I’m interested in are any that you feel this blog fits in to!

Thank you!


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