JD Sports typo - ChelSMford?

Possibly a tad harsh to try and label this as “JD Sports, you only had one job…”


But it’s definitely worth pointing out to JD Sports that in their floor-to-ceiling advertising that hides their renovation work in Chelmsford’s High Chelmer Shopping Centre, there is a mistake:

JD Sports Chelmsford sign typo at High Chelmer Shopping Centre

JDSports.co.uk/Che-wooooah, I see what’s happened here.

It’s a mistake that I often have to correct myself, as my fingers dance across the keyboard and swap the letter M & S in the word Chelmsford. Then again, it’s not my job to put signs on display, so I feel less guilty when I make the same mistake.

I did point out the mistake to the official JDSports Twitter account a few days ago (and the High Chelmer one), but nothing has been done. Obviously, people in the city are smart enough to spell Chelmsford correctly when they enter the URL, but now it’s been noted, the least that JD Sports could have done was redirected the non-working link to the right page!

JD Sports Chelsmford 404 page

Oops! indeed.


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