Chelmsford Banks and other shops - A financial infux?

by DannyUK

Things in Chelmsford can change quickly sometimes. Just when it seems like the retail environment is stale, all of a sudden there is an influx of planning applications.  Are we getting new Chelmsford banks, or just some financial advisors?


Most recently there have been three applications for bank or financial institutions, with the old Elwell Taylor building on Wharf Road, occupied until a few weeks back by Halo, applying for change of venue from what was a beauty bar to a financial place. Also, in the Meadows, the former Cow Canvas store has applied for the same status.

Cow Canvas shop - The Meadows Chelmsford.  Now another part of the Chelmsford banks and financial shops.  Taken from an article by

Cow Canvas shop in The Meadows Chelmsford

The biggest surprise though is that Next, who occupy a prime corner shop on the High Street and Springfield Road is due to move further down the High Street. This will then make room for Metro Bank to finally enter the city, some 18 months after originally revealing their intentions to take the old Burger King site which eventually got replaced by Morrisons.

Metro Bank logo - Metro Bank looks set to join the rest of Chelmsford Banks - Taken from an article by

Metro Bank will soon be on the list of Chelmsford Banks

Metro Bank’s site modelling is usually to occupy busy corner sites on High Streets wherever possible. The move into Next meets this criteria and is definitely a better fit than the original plan of taking the Burger King space, which is more of a sub-prime spot in comparison.

With Lloyds TSB splitting off recently, the number of Chelmsford Banks is set to rise again. I suspect that we will see a downsize of premises in the next few years, with the old Cheltenham and Gloucester building at the end of the High Street merging in with TSB.  New names are always welcome in the City though, and I wonder how long it will be before Marks and Spencer bring their banking model to our High Street.

Is there a reason for the new influx of finance stores in the city? Or is it just coincidental that these three have come along at the same time?


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