A romantic night in thanks to naughtycouponcodes

by DannyUK

There’s no better date night than a “Wine, dine and 69” if you ask me though not everyone agrees. In fact, many women don’t even like playing darts after eating and drinking.


It can also get quite expensive. A decent meal, a half decent bottle of wine and then any added extras like cab fares and all of a sudden a cosy night out starts leading to phone calls to your bank to increase your overdraft.

So, in a move that Skint Dad would no doubt be proud of, I’m writing about a cheap and romantic night in instead. Before I continue, I cannot stress strongly enough that the following site is extremely not safe for work.

Don’t click the link at work, in public or if you are offended by nudity, sex toys or any combination of the two!

The kind people at NaughtyCouponCodes.com contacted me out of the blue and offered to provide me with a “nice surprise night”. Intrigued, I took them up on their offer, hoping to God that the surprise wasn’t something that would jump out of a box and scare me rigid. (I was tempted to put a joke in here about wedding rings or commitment, but chose to rise above it…)

NaughtyCouponCodes logo - Taken from DannyUK.com

I checked their site, and it seems to be exactly what it implies - Coupons offering money off some of the saucier things in life. You can get a cut price Fleshlight there, for example. If you’re not sure what it is, I’m not about to explain it here - Google it, but do so when not at work, and with Secret Browsing turned on.

My mind raced with possibilities, my pulse followed suit, and I sent off my address and waited.

A romantic night in thanks to naughtycouponcodes - Wrapped surprise - Taken from DannyUK.com

The wrapped surprise

I’ve mentioned long distance relationships before, and having been in one for two years now, everything I’ve said in the past still holds true. For as horrible as it is to not see the one you love for weeks at a time, you get the positive side which is two people who can hardly keep their hands off each other when they do get together. When I told the girlfriend that we had a surprise coming in the post, she was as excited as I was.

A parcel arrived a little time later, and I opened it while the girlfriend was out. It contained a set of fake rose petals, a gorgeous smelling candle and a small bottle of massage oil, all from LoveHoney. We’d had plans to go out to dinner, but I WhatsApped her and revealed that our surprise had come, and that I wanted to have a night in. She readily agreed, despite not knowing the contents, and I set about creating a romantic atmosphere.

Naughtycouponcodes sent me a sexy gift - Taken from DannyUK.com

The unwrapped gifts

I scattered the rose petals over the bed, lit the candle and waited. Not long after, the front door opened and I led my other half to the bedroom. The massage oil bottle was opened, and I treated my girlfriend to a long, sensual massage. Being male, “long” and “sensual” are both open to interpretation, so you’ll have to trust me on the description. After ensuring that every spot had been thoroughly massaged, some areas more than others, admittedly, one thing led to another…

I finished quickly Several hours - and a multitude of orgasms - later, with fake rose petals sticking to various massaged body parts, we idly chatted in bed, agreeing that sometimes it’s better to have a night in than to go out. The evening continued with dinner, cuddles on the sofa and some general lovey-dovey stuff. It was a great and cheap night in, and one I’m looking forward to doing again.

Thank you, NaughtyCouponCodes!

Check out the official Naughty Coupon Codes Facebook page.

The bed spread with rose petals - Romance at its finest! Taken from DannyUK.com

Bed with rose petals

Disclaimer: NaughtyCouponCodes provided me with a free “romantic night in” set for mentioning them in a review.  My thanks to everyone at the company.

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