SpaceTeam - A great game for your mobile.

by DannyUK

SpaceTeam is a game that’s hard to describe. Addictive and fun, definitely. Easy to play, too. But actually describing what is does is difficult.


It’s a game made by an indie developer called Henry Smith, who took a year out from paid employment to work on making games. It’s fair to say that with this one, he’s created a great little teambuilder. That’s right, a teambuilder game.

Teambuilding is a horrible word. It summons up images of wet days in the woods, playing paintball, firewalking or even just spending time in a pub with people from work that you don’t like. But this game is different. This is fun.

SpaceTeam - Starting out

Starting out: Make sure everyone has Bluetooth on!

The idea of the game is to work together and pilot a rocket ship through space. As such, the game can’t be played alone, it has to have a minimum of two players, and a maximum of four. On each level, a screen flashes up with a set of controls for you to monitor.

Each player has a different set of controls, and all players see a different set of instructions that flash up on the screen. For example, my screen may say “Disengage Halfband”. If I have that option on my screen, I click it and the rocket advances a little. If I don’t have it, then one of my team members will have it.

The only way to get the instruction completed would be to then call it out for the other members. Seeing as each team member has different instructions, it leads to everyone working together in order to advance in the game.

The options on the game are generally press buttons, flick switches and knobs or dials that need to be adjusted accordingly. The nature of the game is very basic and therefore extremely to pick up. The difficulty is in ensuring people aren’t shouting instructions over each other. In other words, you have to work together to be a SpaceTeam!

The game has some limitations. The primary one is that it can only be played via Bluetooth or by people on the same wifi. The reason being that you need to hear each other for the game to work. Also, if you’re expecting a graphics-rich layout or complex puzzles, this game isn’t for you. In a lot of ways, the game reminds me of an old Spectrum game, which is no bad thing. Twenty five years ago, games were bought and played for their playability rather than a reliance on graphics. The simplistic layout and gameplay of SpaceTeam reflects that, and it’s all the better for it.

I’ve posted some screenshots below to give an idea of the game. As it says, there’s no need to be concerned with flying or controlling the ship, that’s automatic. You just need to press the buttons at the right time.

SpaceTeam - playing the game

The game begins fairly easily, but soon it all starts getting harder!

The game is great fun, with each game lasting 5-10 minutes on average. Believe it or not, shouting “Engage Monolube” at your friends whilst one of them is shouting “Wormhole!” which is an instruction to flip your phone is great fun.

The game is free to download on iTunes and Android, and worthy of anyones time. Download it, play it with friends and see what you think. It gets a massive thumbs up from me.

The official website is here.

Henry Smith’s Twitter is here.


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