Redundant technology - “See you, NT!”

by DannyUK

There can be nothing that fits the description of “redundant technology” than the good, old-fashioned letter.


My best friend growing up was Alan. The same age as me, we’d met at school and became mates pretty quickly. This was in the early 90s.

Although we were learning in IT about a “network of computers worldwide” and the prospect of “electronic mail”, we were still a few years away from seeing the explosion of web addresses, emails and internet stuff in general and as such the main form of long-distance communication was by phone or letter.

Alan, Dan and kids - Taken from an article about redundant technology by

Alan, me and the kids at a Coca-Cola event one Summer.

Alan had a cousin who, a couple of years older than us, had just completed his A Levels. For reasons that are beyond me now, Alan and his cousin used to exchange letters every few weeks in a matter that would befit penpals.

One day, Alan received a letter full of normal witterings, but signed off in a way that he had never seen before, and couldn’t understand what the strange sentence meant.

“Mum…” he asked as he approached his very conservative mother, reading aloud from the bottom of the letter, “what does ‘See you NT’ mean?”

It was only speaking it aloud, coupled with the jaw-dropping horror displayed by his mum, that he realised he had been stitched up by his cousin.


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