Rolling - Things kids say

by DannyUK

Sometimes the things kids say can leave me in stitches. Take earlier this week, for eaxmple.


We were all walking through town, all four kids were making as much noise as it’s possible for four small humans to make. Suddenly an elderly woman rumbles into view very slowly on a mobility scooter.

Whether it was the speed she was going, or the whiskers sprouting from her chin, but a silence fell across all four kids at once. It was magical.

My 11-year-old at Starbucks - Taken from an article about things kids say at

My 11-year-old at Starbucks

Then my 11-year-old pipes up - and I swear on my life this is true - and starts singing “They see me rolling… they hating…” as this woman slowly drive past us, fortunately loud enough for us to hear it clearly, but seemingly not so loud that the OAP even acknowledged us.

I found it hilarious that she had been so quick witted that I was too busy laughing tell off.

My kids can’t be the only ones to be this cheeky, surely?


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