TV program pitch - Lonely Fools and Horses

Lonely Fools and Horses

Genre: Black Comedy

Logline: Having lost Grandad, Uncle Albert, Mike The Barman and even more recently, and in the knowledge that his much-older brother, Del Boy, can’t be too far behind as he hits his mid 70s, we follow Rodney Trotter as he comes to terms with everyone around him being dead. To add to his depression, Cassandra is in the process of filing for divorce and the family business is crumbling. Moving back to his former family flat in the newly-named Nelson Mandela Memorial House, we spend an hour with Peckham’s favourite younger brother in this dark episode.

Synopsis: After hitting the big bucks in the mid-nineties, amidst a wave of Britpop and new hope with New Labour, the Trotters seemed to go from strength to strength. Unfortunately with the downturn in the economy in the late 2000s, problems started to appear.

Rodney, forever the younger brother and weak link in the Trotter family, slowly begins to realise that life is getting harder and more depressing. Reminiscing on those that have passed on, and swimming in angst at his rapidly failing marriage, Rodney starts to come to terms with being alone. Knowing that his elder brother seems to be rapidly aging, and the weight of the family business proving too much for Rodney, he spirals into a downward spin. To stop the plunge into darkness, he decides to move back into the old family flat which, due to an error in admin, has remained available for the family all this time.

The surroundings are familiar to both Rodney and the viewer, an echo of a former time. Can Rodney turn his fortune around? Will he save his marriage, his business, and ultimately his mental health? Through tears and laughter, we take the journey with him in this Lonely Fools and Horses one-off special.

Lonely Fools And Horses - Rodney Trotter looking depressed, down and unhappy - a tv program pitch idea based on an Only Fools and Horses Spin off

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