TV program pitch - Come Whine With Me

by DannyUK

My proposal for a new tv program. Come Whine With Me.


Title: Come Whine With Me

Genre: Reality show

Logline: Five strangers with five differing views who all live in the same area meet over five nights, with each person hosting a night.

Based on the Come Dine With Me format, over the five nights everyone will get to know each other better. The difference is that the host gets to talk about something that annoys them and then everyone else gets a chance to respond and debate.

Fuelled by alcohol, it allows loose tongues and great entertainment.

Synopsis: The show will be shot over the course of one week and will have thirty minutes of footage from each night shown on tv. Each of the five contestants chosen will live in the same area, but will have differing backgrounds or views which can be filtered by a completed questionnaire prior to choosing the contestants.

By placing such different people together, and by providing alcohol for them to drink through the night, it will encourage open debate and entertaining conflicts, especially as people tend to get more honest and more vocal as the night goes on.

Each person will host a night each at their own home, and will be allowed a set amount of time to talk on a subject that they are passionate about, whether it is something they are vehemently for or against. After this, the other four contestants will be able to pass their own comments, ask questions of the host or give their own verbal response.

Once the initial discussions have taken place, the host will then introduce the entertainment for the evening, which will be something that they have arranged themselves, and will be somehow based to their own chosen subject that they have spoken about.

At the end of the evening, the four guests take separate taxis home and rate the night, based on the quality of discussion they had, the relative fun of the evening and anything else that they feel may contribute to a rating.

On the last evening, after the fifth host has completed their night, the scores are revealed and the winner gets £1,000.

Come Whine With Me -

Come Whine With Me - Soapbox provided!


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