Everton 2 - Liverpool 1

by DannyUK

Toffee fans would give anything to see a scoreline of Everton 2 - Liverpool 1. Well there’s a massive shopping centre in Liverpool that was opened a few years ago.


Named “Liverpool One”, it is the main shopping part of the city, with all of the big retail names having a presence there. Equally, the two big football teams and well-known rivals, Liverpool FC and Everton FC each have a shop in the precinct.

You may recognise this from my review of The Liverpool Old Dock Tour. Given the unusual name of the shopping centre, a bright spark from the Everton marketing team had a brainwave.

When the club decided to open an official stores in the centre, they came up with an ingenious idea. To call their shop “Everton 2”. Thus, the official address is “Everton Two, Liverpool One”. A sentence most Toffee fans would never tire of hearing.

A big thumbs-up to Everton for this, which makes me smile every time I see it!

Everton 2 Liverpool One

The store front

Official Everton Online Store can be found on the Everton FC website here.


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