Popular websites! - I’ve hit the Top 10,000!

I’ve broken in to the top 10,000 most popular websites in the UK according to Alexa!

I’d like to say I’m not normally bothered about accolades and accomplishments, but that would be a lie. I’m always pushing myself with self-set targets in various ways, whether it’s the “must get this done by this time” or “need to achieve this figure by this date”, there’s always a vague sense of self-satisfaction at doing well. Not that I like to boast about it regularly, as it seems unnecessarily show-offy, plus there’s always someone out there that’s doing better.

Today though, I noticed that my website is one of the popular websites in the UK - in the top 10,000 most popular websites in fact. Whether it’s due to good content, constant updates or good SEO, I’m not sure. Possibly a mixture of all three. I appreciate that there’s still an awful lot of websites above it, but considering that takes into account everything including big businesses and websites from Tesco to Google and beyond, that’s a decent achievement. I get far more happiness from this than I would do from being nominated for a blog award.

The Alexa Ranking - ignore the worldwide one, that’s not impressive 😉

The reason I say that is that the MAD parent blogger awards are open now for nominations, and just about every parent blogger has a badge on their website asking for votes. Even the ones that slag off the awards (I’m looking at you, Kippeh, though annoyingly the post in question is one that I can’t find. Edit - Kip reckons it’s this one) put a bloody great “vote for me” badge on every post. That’s not to say that I haven’t advertised it on Twitter or asked for votes from friends. I do, however, believe that I’ve been far less of a self-promoting shitcunt than 99% of people out there who are involved.


Oh dear. This blog post has taken a sweary turn for the worse, hasn’t it? What started as mild self-satisfaction has quickly turned bitter. Oh well.

Perhaps it’s because I know I won’t win that I’m feeling very “anti-awards” at the moment. It could just be that I’m plainly vexed by the constant needy attention that everyone seems to be asking for. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I’m certainly no different when it comes to similar issues such as throwing blog links out on Twitter. It makes me wonder if a normal, ordinary blog about someone and their family can grow organically or whether it needs constant supervision, promotion and interaction (or dare I say even a gimmick) to make is popular. I should also remember that I started blogging eons ago, before being a blogger was really a “thing”. I like seeing my page views rise, but it wasn’t ever anything I looked at for six or seven years or blogging.

Knowing that more and more read this, including family, friends and probably people at work too, I find myself policing my thoughts. Some of the very old entries are looked away, for fear of offending others or upsetting those close to me. Newer entries quite often straddle the line between bland and rude, only to fall squarely on the former side compared to what a post could have been.

All of this only confirms that I’m salesy. I like achieving higher and higher numbers. If only I could proactively use this in other areas of life. Until such a time, I guess I’ll be happy with what I have here and will look forward to making the top 5,000 most popular websites.

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