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I’m always keen to see new local businesses do well, and I have to say that it was a shame to see the coffee / cake shop Cherry On Top close recently. Originally stating it was shutting for a refurbishment, that announcement turned out to be a slight embellishment when it was revealed that the store was being transformed into the new Dunkin’ Donuts store - their first in Essex and only the second in the UK.

Dunkin Donuts logoThere’s no doubting that they have a decent site, being situated by the main crossing on Parkway, with visibility to the scores of vehicles that pass by all day every day. But in a world where people are looking more and more towards a healthier lifestyle, and becoming ever more calorie conscious, is the store going to be a success?

In truth, I struggle to believe it will be anything except hugely successful. It has a product which is tasty and popular, and the backing of a massive company, albeit through franchisees, which gives it a very good start as a business. It’s also a big name brand coming in to the city, and it will garner recognition for that. Even this past weekend it was difficult to get down the High Street without seeing flyers advertising the Valentine’s Day opening. They even had three big donut-based costumes parading through the streets on Saturday.

Dunkin Donuts Chelmsford

Less than a week to go until opening, and the builders are still on site.

I hope that the shop is a success, but without causing similar shops to pop up everywhere in Chelmsford. The city needs busy shops, and if this can act as a showcase shop for the brand, it can only garner positive attention as we move slowly away from the town image that can haunt us.

Good luck, Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve no doubt I’ll be there on opening day!

The official Dunkin Donuts UK website is here.
The official Dunkin Donuts UK Twitter account is here.

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