Durex Embrace - Making sex hot and tingly!

by DannyUK

I once saw a poster for a film which had the small print “This film is rated 15 and contains strong language and infrequent sex.”

I thought “Bloody Hell, my life is a 15!”


Fortunately for me, the infrequent sex is very good sex. If it was an Olympic sport, the only thing that would stop me winning gold is how commonly I come second.

Durex logoYes, you’ve guessed it, this is a blog post about sex. Kids, look away. My kids: definitely look away. Adults, read on.

People are different. Some get their kicks in ways that confuse and sicken others. Some don’t. Many couples are adventurous sorts, willing to try anything more than once in a bid to reach orgasmic heaven. Other couples experiment by leaving the bedroom light on during lovemaking once every leap year. It doesn’t matter what category you fall into, Durex Embrace is worth giving a try.

The Durex Embrace packaging - Taken from a review of Durex Embrace pleasure gels by DannyUK.com

The Durex Embrace packaging.

Although Durex are probably best known for their manufacturing of condoms, they’ve also been making lube for many years too, and this is their latest product.

I know that lube brings up images of a very non-vanilla form of lovemaking and that many women are often aghast at the thought of using it as they feel it implies something negative about either themselves or their bodies. One ex-girlfriend took it as a personal insult when I mentioned it many, many years ago, feeling that I was somehow intimating she needed the extra lubrication. The truth of the matter was that I was just open minded and wanted to experience it, and I’m glad that I did, as it certainly adds an extra something to proceedings.

Durex Embrace is two separate lubricants. One tingly, and one warm. The packaging and design are smooth and fluid though to be honest, packaging design is the last thing I am interested in when choosing something like this, though I understand the need to market it well.

I once managed to injure my thigh muscle, and in an effort to reduce the pain, I slathered Deep Heat all over it. It was great until an hour later when I went to bed and stripped naked. Within minutes, I’d twisted and contorted enough for the Deep Heat to get wiped across my ahem intimate area. The next couple of minutes was spent thinking about how nice and warming it was, but as the temperature increased, it got beyond the point of feeling good and had me rushing to rinse everything under a cold tap.

The speed in which I got to the bathroom convinces me that I could challenge Usain Bolt over 100m if I slathered my unexposed nether regions with Deep Heat shortly before the starting pistol. The period leading up to the burn was strangely welcoming, though, and I’m pleased to say that Durex have captured this perfectly with the warming gel. Applied liberally, it warms immediately and reaches a point where it feels that you are radiating heat, but never goes beyond that. It was like being partially submerged in a hot bath.

The girlfriend agreed that it was a great sensation, and though it neither advanced or delayed the finish, it added an extra feeling to proceedings which we’d definitely try again.

Durex Embrace - Better sex in the palm of your hand! Durex Embrace - Taken from a review of Durex Embrace pleasure gels by DannyUK.com

Durex Embrace - Better sex in the palm of your hand!

The other bottle is a tingly one. This did very little for me, and I could barely feel it when I tried it several hours after the first one. It was mildly cool for a short time and then seemed to do nothing. The girlfriend disagreed, though, saying that she could vividly feel it, and likening it to using mint shower gel when bathing (and if you know what that’s like, you’ll understand my ‘cooling’ sensation description). It was definitely less thrilling that the first.

Fortunately, this led us to try both lubes at once, which is what the instructions suggest. Whether it was the application of warmth after the cold, or the fact that we both preferred the warmer gel, it was definitely better. Again, it didn’t change the time it took to finish, but it shifted focus slightly during sex and is definitely something we’d use again in the future.

Aside from the temperature produced by the product, the use of either as a lubricant was as good as any other product I’ve tried. Safe for use with condoms (unlike other lubricants which aren’t water-based and can damage latex), and easy to apply. The lubricants are safe to eat though Durex clearly state that they are not food, just in case you fancied tingly gel on toast in the mornings.

Read my Durex Real Feel condoms review.

Durex Embrace - One Amazing Reaction - Taken from a review of Durex Embrace pleasure gels by DannyUK.com

Durex Embrace - One Amazing Reaction - As it appears on the official website,

It retails at close to £15, though Boots have it on sale for £9.99, though if you buy Durex Embrace Pleasure Gel on Amazon it’s cheaper and prevents any embarrassment on purchase, as you’re less likely to run into the local vicar if you’re buying sex lube online.

It’s not life altering, and it won’t necessarily make you a better lover, but for the sake of a tenner, and given that both bottles contain 60ml of lubricant, it’s a worthwhile addition to the bedroom. If all else fails, you can always cover the outside of the bedroom door handle with it, to prevent little hands from opening the door and interrupting your intimate wrestling match.

Why not visit the official Durex Embrace website.
You can also check out the official Durex Embrace Facebook page.

Disclaimer: The Durex Embrace was provided free of charge through a PR company for me to write-up an honest review. My thanks to everyone at Durex.


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