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by DannyUK

Did you know that there is a Starbucks secret menu? What’s more, it has free drinks for kids. If life is a journey, then Starbucks Coffee is surely the fuel that drives my poor, battered and bruised vehicle of a body down the motorway of living.


Starbucks Secret Menu - Babyccino - Taken from an article by

The search result for babyccino on the Starbucks UK website. One result, and that doesn’t contain the word babyccino, oddly.

While there’s no arguing that caffeine is addictive, that goes a little way to explaining quite why my four kids are so keen on visiting the Seattle-founded company with me of a weekend. Sure, the frothy top of a latte (or even the chocolate-capped peak of a cappuccino) looks appealing to even the youngest of kids, the bitterness that hits the tongue when a cheeky swig is shared means that they are less inclined to try it again in the future.

Fortunately I know my kids well enough that despite their insistence that they want to visit the coffee shop “Because daddy likes it so much”, it’s more to do with a non-menu item that few non-connaisseurs are aware of.

The Babyccino

Starbucks Babyccino - Taken from an article about secret menu items in Starbucks by

Starbucks Babyccino being held by my 9-year-old for size comparison.

I can’t remember where or when I learnt about Babyccinos. It was certainly a long time after I had paid out for several small hot chocolates over many, many visits. Whereas the smallest standard drinks measures 12oz, far too big for little mouths, and generally leading to a waste of milk that would have Maggie Thatcher (milk snatcher) venting (and yes, that really is a two decade old reference).

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The babyccino is a tiny drink, served in a takeaway cup. At a guess, I would say it measures no more than 4oz and is made of warm milk with a frothy top. Ideal for little ones. The best thing? It has no caffeine, so there’s no chance of complaints about the bitterness of the drink, and equally no need to scrape any hyperactive children off of the ceiling later in the day.

Oh, and it’s free. That’s right, it costs nothing. I’m not sure you’d get away with just ordering a babyccino on its own, but when you’re splashing the cash on a premium coffee, don’t feel guilty for asking for its baby brother.

My four love them. They grab the powder flavours that Starbucks keep alongside the sugar, and sprinkle vanilla or chocolate over the top of the froth, sometimes mixing it in too.

Granted, the drinks rarely last long and there have been times when we’ve asked for seconds, but generally it’s enough to sate them while I try to relax for a few minutes.


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